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Back Matter

Matthew Slaughter, and Phillip Swagel
Published Date:
September 1997
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    The Economic Issues Series

    • Growth in East Asia: What We Can and What We Cannot Infer. Michael Sarel. 1996.

    • Does the Exchange Rate Regime Matter for Inflation and Growth? Atish R. Ghosh, Anne-Marie Guide, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Holger Wolf. 1996.

    • Confronting Budget Deficits. 1996.

    • Fiscal Reforms That Work. C. John McDermott and Robert F. Wescott. 1996.

    • Transformations to Open Market Operations: Developing Economies and Emerging Markets. Stephen H. Axilrod. 1996.

    • Why Worry About Corruption? Paolo Mauro. 1997.

    • Sterilizing Capital Inflows. Jang-Yung Lee. 1997.

    • Why Is China Growing So Fast? Zuliu Hu and Mohsin S. Khan. 1997.

    • Protecting Bank Deposits. Gillian G. Garcia. 1997.

    • Deindustrialization—Its Causes and Implications. Robert Rowthorn and Ramana Ramaswamy. 1997.

    • Does Globalization Lower Wages and Export Jobs? Matthew J. Slaughter and Phillip Swagel. 1997.

    Matthew J. Slaughter is an assistant professor at Dartmouth College, a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research, and a visiting fellow at the Institute for International Economics. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame and received a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He wrote this paper while a visiting scholar at the IMF.

    Phillip Swagel is an economist in the World Economic Studies Division of the International Monetary Fund. He graduated from Princeton University and received a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Before joining the IMF, he was an economist at the Federal Reserve Board and a visiting assistant professor at Northwestern University.

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