Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual

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Front Matter

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Published Date:
September 2000
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    The financial crises of the 1990s exposed weaknesses in the international financial system, highlighting the fact that globalization brings risks as well as important benefits. In response, the international community has mobilized to strengthen the architecture of the international financial system, which comprises the institutions, markets, and practices that governments, businesses, and individuals use when they carry out economic and financial activities. An important element of the “architecture” initiative involves the development and implementation of internationally accepted standards, adherence to which would help ensure that economies function properly at the national level, which is a prerequisite for a well-functioning international system.

    In consultation with others, the IMF has developed standards or codes of good practices in its main areas of responsibility. Among these are standards to guide member countries in the dissemination of economic and financial data to the public. These standards—the Special Data Dissemination Standard and the General Data Dissemination System—comprise a number of elements of good practice in data dissemination. As an essential complement to, and outgrowth of, these standards, the IMF has also intensified efforts to assist countries in improving the quality of their data, including through the development of internationally agreed guidelines on statistical methodology. I am accordingly very pleased to introduce the Manual on Monetary and Financial Statistics, which should prove an important aid to countries as they seek to enhance their statistics in this area. The Manual, which is the first volume of its kind in the field of monetary and financial statistics, takes its place alongside the IMF’s other manuals on statistical methodology—the Balance of Payments Manual and the Government Finance Statistics Manual. Like these other manuals, the concepts set out in the Manual are harmonized with those of the System of National Accounts 1993.

    This Manual has been prepared by the IMF’s Statistics Department in close consultation with experts in monetary and financial statistics in member countries and international and regional organizations. I would like to thank all of the experts involved for their invaluable assistance and for their collaborative and cooperative spirit. I would like to commend the Manual to compilers of monetary and financial statistics and to urge countries to adopt the Manual’s concepts as a basis for the statistics that they disseminate to the public and report to the IMF.

    Horst Köhler

    Managing Director

    International Monetary Fund


    The Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual is the latest in a series of international guidelines on statistical methodology that have been issued by the International Monetary Fund. The purpose of the Manual, which is intended to be a reference volume, is to offer guidelines for the presentation of monetary and financial statistics. It provides a set of tools for identifying, classifying, and recording stocks and flows of financial assets and liabilities, describes standard, analytically oriented frameworks in which the statistics may be presented, and identifies a set of analytically useful aggregates within those frameworks. The concepts and principles set out in the Manual are harmonized with those of the System of National Accounts 1993.

    The Manual is designed primarily to be useful to compilers of monetary and financial statistics, both experienced and aspiring, who are developing or updating their national statistics. It may also be useful to compilers, as well as users, of other macroeconomic statistics in understanding the relations between the various sets of statistics. As a set of guidelines for presenting monetary and financial statistics, the Manual does not describe how the statistics are to be compiled—that is, sources and methods for compiling statistics—or give practical guidance on questions such as the frequency with which they are to be published. Detailed practical guidance based on the Manual will be provided by the Fund in its technical assistance and training work with member countries.

    The various drafts of the Manual have benefited from comments by member countries and, in particular, by participants in meetings of regional and national experts held at the IMF in November 1996 and February 2000. The IMF benefited considerably from the contributions and comments of the experts who participated in these two meetings, which formed the basis for the redrafting and finalization of the Manual, the first volume of its kind in this field of statistics. The IMF staff wishes to acknowledge, with thanks, the contributions of the following experts who participated in the meetings.

    AustraliaMr. Bob McColl
    BelgiumMr. Rudi Acx
    BrazilMr. Bruno Mauricio Ribeiro
    CanadaMr. Jean-Pierre Aubry
    ChinaMr. Wang Xiaoyi
    ColombiaMr. Carlos Varela Barrios
    EgyptMr. Ahmed M. Abd El-Kader
    FranceMr. Marc Chazelas
    GermanyMr. Günter Kleinjung
    IndiaMr. Deepak Mohnaty
    IranMr. Assadollah Monajemi
    ItalyMr. Emerico A. Zautzik
    JapanMr. Satoru Hagino
    JapanMr. Masaaki Kanno
    MexicoMrs. Elisa Borja Aburto
    Netherlands, TheDr. Pim Kramer
    NorwayMr. Vetle Hvidsten
    PeruMrs. Socorro Heysen
    PhilippinesMr. Diwa C. Guinigundo
    RussiaMrs. Nadejda Ivanova
    Saudi ArabiaMr. Emad Al-Qadheeb
    Saudi ArabiaMr. Ahmed Al-Owsame
    South AfricaDr. J. P. van den Heever
    South AfricaMr. Vukami V. Mamba
    SwitzerlandMr. Robert Fluri
    United KingdomMr. Christopher B. Wright
    United StatesMr. Christopher L. Bach
    United StatesMr. Albert Teplin
    VenezuelaMrs. Nancy Sulvarán de Sardi
    AMFMr. Salih H. Agban
    BCEAOMr. Seth Aboh
    CEMLAMr. Roberto Ibarra
    ECBMr. Patrick Sandars

    In addition to this English language version, the Manual will also be published in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish.

    Carol S. Carson


    Statistics Department

    International Monetary Fund

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