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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Published Date:
September 1984
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International Financial Statistics


Prepared in the Balance of Payments Division of the Bureau of Statistics

Werner Dannemann, Director of the Bureau of Statistics

Arie C. Bouter, Assistant Director in charge of the Balance of Payments Division

International Financial Statistics - The monthly publication is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It shows for most countries of the world current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation. i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, money and banking, international transactions, prices, production, government finance, interest rates, and other items. Information is presented in country tables and in tables of area and world aggregates. Charts on each country page show recent changes in important series. The issues are about 500 pages each. Prices are shown at the foot of this page.

The yearbook of International Financial Statistics contains available annual data for 30 years beginning with 1953 for all countries appearing in the monthly editions.

Other Statistical Publications of the Fund

Balance of Payments Statistics - Beginning 1981, this publication consists of monthly issues and a two-part yearbook containing balance of payments statistics for over 110 countries, complied in accordance with the Fund’s Balance of Payments Manual, fourth edition (1977). The monthly issues contain aggregated presentations covering annual data and, where available, monthly, quarterly, or semiannual data; for countries that have made changes in their balance of payments methodology, the monthly issues also include detailed presentations of annual data and explanatory notes. Part 1 of the yearbook includes aggregated as well as detailed presentations and explanatory notes. Part 2 provides about 70 tables of data, featuring area and world totals of balance of payments components and aggregates. The subscription price for twelve monthly issues and the yearbook is US$33.00 ($16.50 to university libraries, faculty, and students); the price for the yearbook only is US$10.00.

Direction of Trade Statistics - This publication provides data on the distribution by partner countries and by areas of countries’ exports and imports. It is published monthly, covering data for recent periods for about 135 countries and for industrial countries as an area reported by themselves or by their partners, and annually in a yearbook giving seven years of data for 157 countries and two sets of world and area summaries: world and area trade as seen by the reporting countries and as seen by the partner countries to those transactions. The subscription price is US$30.00 a year ($15.00 to university libraries, faculty, and students); the price for the yearbook only is US$8.50.

Government Finance Statistics Yearbook - This publication provides detailed data on revenue, grants, expenditure, lending, financing, and debt of central governments, and indicates the amounts represented by social security funds and extrabudgetary operations. Also provided are summary data for state and local governments, information on the institutional units of government and the accounts through which they operate, and lists of source of information, nonfinancial public enterprises, and public financial institutions. Volume VII, published in December 1983, contains information for 128 countries, with up to ten years of data extending through 1981 or 1982 for most countries. The price of the Yearbook is US$13.00 ($6.50 to university libraries, faculty, and students).


All four of the statistical publications of the Fund are available in machine readable form. Monthly computer tapes contain the economic time series appearing in the corresponding publication, but generally with more extensive time coverage. The publications provide a guide to the content of the file, keys to the codes, and information on the sources and definition of the data. Included with the subscription are computer routines for retrieval and display of time series data. The price of a tape subscription is US$1,500 a year ($500 to universities) to single users and US$7,000 a year to time sharers. Balance of Payments Statistics tapes contain approximately 43,000 time series corresponding to yearbook data. All series are expressed in SDRs; two series of conversion rates are included on the tape. International Financial Statistics tapes contain all the time series published in the country pages and the world tables of IFS (about 21,000 time series). Tapes are available in two densities: 1) IFS-A (1600BPI), on which annual entries generally begin in 1948, quarterly entries begin in 1957, and monthly entries begin in 1972; and 2)IFS-B (6250BPI), on which annual entries generally begin in 1948, and quarterly and monthly entries begin in 1957. Direction of Trade Statistics tapes contain about 56,000 time series covering the data of about 160 countries. The series include data derived from the reports of partner countries when directly reported data are not available. The Government Finance Statistics tapes, containing about 28,000 time series, incorporate revisions and updates as they become available between issues of the Yearbook and some time series longer than those published in the Yearbook.

Combined Subscription Rate for Universities

Libraries, faculty members, and students of universities may subscribe to the Fund’s publications at rates substantially below the regular prices. A further reduction is made if they subscribe to a combination containing International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics, Government Finance Statistics Yearbook, and Staff Papers, the Fund’s economic journal. The combined subscription price is US$60.00 a year.

Combined Statistical Yearbook Subscription

This subscription comprises the yearbooks to International Financial Statistics. Balance of Payments Statistics and Direction of Trade Statistics and the Government Finance Statistics Yearbook as a package at a combined rate of US$40.00. Because of different publication dates of the four yearbooks, it may take up to one year to service an order.

Prices are quoted in U.S. dollars, but payments may be made in most other currencies. To subscribe or for further information, write to or telephone

Attention: Publications Unit

International Monetary Fund

Washington, D.C. 20431, U.S.A

Area Code 202 473-7430



The subscription price for twelve monthly issues, one yearbook, and two supplements, including the cost of delivery by surface mail is US$75.00) a year ($37.50 to university libraries, faculty, and students). Single copy price $6.00 for monthly issue, $18.00 for the yearbook, and $6.00 for each supplement. Subscribers outside the United States may, on payment of a surcharge of US$80,00 (i.e., a total payment of $155.00) take advantage of special airspeed arrangements, which in some countries provide for delivery of IFS in a time comparable to that of regular air service and other countries for delivery with only a few days’ additional delay. Advice on payment in other currencies will be given upon receipt of order.

Cut-off date: June 5, 1984

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