2017 Work Program and Working Procedures

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
Published Date:
February 2017
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26. The top priorities of the Committee will be: (i) providing methodological guidance on emerging issues through the research agenda; (ii) implementing the strategy to compile ESS in CLSC; (iii) advancing work on IIP enhancements; and (iv) closing data gaps through strengthening the coverage of SPEs in ESS.

27. The proposed two medium priority topics are: (i) reducing global and bilateral asymmetries (including through the sectorization of nonresident issuers in CPIS); and (ii) updating the CPIS Guide. The 2017 work program of the Committee is available at

28. In anticipation of an increase in activities related to the research agenda, the Committee working procedures will require a more continuous involvement of the Committee members throughout the year and their participation in Committee substructures and technical expert groups. The Committee welcomed the proposed new working procedures as well as the new collaboration site and electronic survey tools introduced by STA.

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