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Published Date:
June 2015
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Working Paper 15/33

On the First-Round Effects of International Food Price Shocks: the Role of the Asset Market Structure

Rafael Portillo; Luis-Felipe Zanna

Working Paper 15/34

ASEAN Financial Integration

Geert Almekinders; Alex Mourmouras; Jian-Ping Zhou;

Satoshi Fukuda

Working Paper 15/35

Private Sector Deleveraging and Growth Following Busts

Sally Chen; Minsuk Kim; Marijn Otte; Kevin Wiseman;

Aleksandra Zdzienicka

Working Paper 15/36

Uncertainty and Unemployment: The Effects of Aggregate and Sectoral Channels

Sangyup Choi; Prakash Loungani

Working Paper 15/37

Value of WTO Trade Agreements in a New Keynesian Model

Giovanni Ganelli; Juha Tervala

Working Paper 15/38

Financial Decisions and Investment Outcomes in Developing Countries: The Role of Institutions

Rima Turk

Working Paper 15/39

A Phillips Curve with Anchored Expectations and Short-Term Unemployment

Laurence M. Ball; Sandeep Mazumder

Working Paper 15/40

The Sources of Business Cycles in a Low Income Country

Romain Houssa; Jolan Mohimont; Christopher Otrok

Working Paper 15/41

Are Islamic Banks More Resilient During Financial Panics?

Moazzam Farooq; Sajjad Zaheer

Working Paper 15/42

Asia’s Quest for Inclusive Growth Revisited

Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli

Working Paper 15/43

Are Foreign Banks a ‘Safe Haven’? Evidence from Past Banking Crises

Gustavo Adler; Eugenio Cerutti

Working Paper 15/44

Is Banks’ Home Bias Good or Bad for Public Debt Sustainability?

Tamon Asonuma; Said Bakhache; Heiko Hesse

Working Paper 15/45

Made in Mexico: Energy Reform and Manufacturing Growth

Jorge Alvarez; Fabian Valencia

Working Paper 15/46

Interconnectedness, Systemic Crises, and Recessions

Marco A. Espinosa-Vega; Steven Russell

Working Paper 15/47

Central and Commercial Bank Balance Sheet Risk Before, During, and After the Global Financial Crisis

Joseph Crowley

Working Paper 15/48

The Level of Productivity in Traded and Non-Traded Sectors for a Large Panel of Countries

Rui Mano; Marola Castillo

Working Paper 15/49

Remittances and Macroeconomic Volatility in African Countries

Ahmat Jidoud

Working Paper 15/50

A Global Projection Model for Euro Area Large Economies

Zoltan Jakab; Pavel Lukyantsau; Shengzu Wang

Working Paper 15/51

Structural Transformation — How Does Thailand Compare?

Vladimir Klyuev

Working Paper 15/52

How Delaying Fiscal Consolidation Affects the Present Value of GDP

Kevin Fletcher; Damiano Sandri

Working Paper 15/53

Pressing the Indian Growth Accelerator: Policy Imperatives

Rakesh Mohan; Muneesh Kapur

Working Paper 15/54

How Inclusive Is Abenomics?

Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli; Kentaro Murayama

Working Paper 15/55

Women Workers in India: Why So Few Among So Many?

Sonali Das; Sonali Jain-Chandra; Kalpana Kochhar; Naresh Kumar

Working Paper 15/56

What Can Boost Female Labor Force Participation in Asia?

Yuko Kinoshita; Fang Guo

Working Paper 15/57

The Role of Bank Capital in Bank Holding Companies’ Decisions

Adolfo Barajas; Thomas F. Cosimano; Dalia Hakura; Sebastian Roelands

Working Paper 15/58

A Stock-Flow Accounting Model of the Labor Market: An Application to Israel

Yossi Yakhin; Natalya Presman

Working Paper 15/59

Fiscal Decentralization and the Efficiency of Public Service Delivery

Moussé Sow; Ivohasina Fizara Razafimahefa

Working Paper 15/60

Central Banking in Latin America: From the Gold Standard to the Golden Years

Luis Ignacio Jácome

Working Paper 15/61

The Use and Effectiveness of Macroprudential Policies: New Evidence

Eugenio Cerutti; Stijn Claessens; Luc Laeven

Working Paper 15/62

Estimating Potential Growth in the Middle East and Central Asia

Pritha Mitra; Amr Hosny; Gohar Abajyan; Mark Fischer

Working Paper 15/63

Soft Power and Exchange Rate Volatility

Serhan Cevik; Richard Harris; Fatih Yilmaz

Working Paper 15/64

The Flexible System of Global Models – FSGM

Michal Andrle; Patrick Blagrave; Pedro Espaillat; Keiko Honjo; Ben Hunt; Mika Kortelainen; René Lalonde; Douglas Laxton; Eleonara Mavroeidi; Dirk Muir; Susanna Mursula; Stephen Snudden

Working Paper 15/65

Uncertainty and Investment: The Financial Intermediary Balance Sheet Channel

Sophia Chen

Working Paper 15/66

China: How Can Revenue Reforms Contribute to Inclusive and Sustainable Growth?

W. Raphael Lam and Philippe Wingender

Working Paper 15/67

Playing by the Rules: Reforming Fiscal Governance in Europe

Luc Eyraud; Tao Wu

Working Paper 15/68

Growing (Un)equal: Fiscal Policy and Income Inequality in China and BRIC+

Serhan Cevik; Carolina Correa-Caro

Working Paper 15/69

Investment Scaling-up and the Role of Government: The Case of Benin

Matteo Ghilardi; Sergio Sola

Working Paper 15/70

Spillovers in the Nordic Countries

Borislava Mircheva; Dirk Muir

Working Paper 15/71

Fiscal Multipliers in Ukraine

Pritha Mitra; Tigran Poghosyan

Working Paper 15/72

Assessing China’s Corporate Sector Vulnerabilities

Mali Chivakul; Raphael W. Lam

Working Paper 15/73

Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs): An Empirical Study of their Impact on Taxpayer Compliance and Administrative Efficiency

Peter Casey; Patricio Castro

Working Paper 15/74

Frontiers of Monetary Policymaking: Adding the Exchange Rate as a Tool to Combat Deflationary Risks in the Czech Republic

Ali Alichi; Jaromir Benes; Joshua Felman; Irene Feng; Charles Freedman; Douglas Laxton; Evan Tanner; David Vavra; Hou Wang

Working Paper 15/75

How Did Markets React to Stress Tests?

Bertrand Candelon; Amadou N. R. Sy

Working Paper 15/76

Recent U.S. Labor Force Dynamics: Reversible or Not?

Ravi Balakrishnan; Mai Dao; Juan Sole; Jeremy Zook

Working Paper 15/77

Investment in Emerging Markets: We Are Not in Kansas Anymore… Or Are We?

Nicolas E. Magud; Sebastian Sosa

Working Paper 15/78

Macroprudential Policy and Labor Market Dynamics in Emerging Economies

Alan Finkelstein Shapiro; Andres Gonzalez

Working Paper 15/79

A Simple Multivariate Filter for Estimating Potential Output

Patrick Blagrave; Roberto Garcia-Saltos; Douglas Laxton; Fan Zhang

Working Paper 15/80

Capital Control Measures: A New Dataset

Andrés Fernández; Michael W. Klein; Alessandro Rebucci; Martin Schindler; Martin Uribe

Working Paper 15/81

Is Islamic Banking Good for Growth?

Patrick A. Imam; Kangni Kpodar

Working Paper 15/82

Hong Kong’s Growth Synchronization with China and the U.S.: A Trend and Cycle Analysis

Dong He; Wei Liao; Tommy Wu

Working Paper 15/83

Do Resource Windfalls Improve the Standard of Living in Sub-Saharan African Countries?: Evidence from a Panel of Countries

Munseob Lee; Cheikh A. Gueye

Working Paper 15/84

Understanding Residential Real Estate in China

Mali Chivakul; Raphael W. Lam; Xiaoguang Liu; Wojciech Maliszewski; Alfred Schipke

Working Paper 15/85

Financial Crisis, US Unconventional Monetary Policy, and International Spillovers

Qianying Chen; Andrew Filardo; Dong He; Feng Zhu

Working Paper 15/86

Non-FDI Capital Inflows in Low-Income Developing Countries: Catching the Wave?

Juliana Dutra Araujo; Antonio David; Carlos van Hombeeck; Chris Papageorgiou

Working Paper 15/87

Determinants of Bank Interest Margins in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Raja Almarzoqi; Sami Ben Naceur

Working Paper 15/88

What has Capital Liberalization Meant for Economic and Financial Statistics

Robert M. Heath Working Paper 15/89

Fair Weather or Foul? The Macroeconomic Effects of El Niño

Paul Cashin; Kamiar Mohaddes; Mehdi Raissi

Working Paper 15/90

From Natural Resource Boom to Sustainable Economic Growth: Lessons for Mongolia

Pranav Gupta; Grace Bin Li; Jiangyan Yu

Working Paper 15/91

The Role of Productivity, Transportation Costs, and Barriers to Intersectoral Mobility in Structural Transformation

Cem Karayalcin; Mihaela Pintea

Working Paper 15/92

The Potential Macroeconomic Impact of the Unconventional Oil and Gas Boom in the United States

Ben Hunt; Dirk Muir; Martin Sommer

Working Paper 15/93

Too Much of a Good Thing? Prudent Management of Inflows under Economic Citizenship Programs

Xin Xu; Ahmed El-Ashram; Judith Gold

Working Paper 15/94

How Important Are Debt and Growth Expectations for Interest Rates?

Sohrab Rafiq

Working Paper 15/95

The Macroeconomic Effects of Public Investment: Evidence from Advanced Economies

Abdul Abiad; Davide Furceri; Petia Topalova

Working Paper 15/96

What Drives Interest Rate Spreads in Pacific Island Countries? An Empirical Investigation

Fazurin Jamaludin; Vladimir Klyuev; Anuk Serechetapongse

Working Paper 15/97

Determinants of Firm Profitability in Colombia’s Manufacturing Sector: Exchange Rate or Structural?

Naomi Griffin

Working Paper 15/98

Tax Policy in MENA Countries: Looking Back and Forward

Mario Mansour

Working Paper 15/99

How To Improve the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in the West African Economic and Monetary Union

Alexei Kireyev

Working Paper 15/100

Does Basel Compliance Matter for Bank Performance?

Rym Ayadi; Sami Ben Naceur; Barbara Casu; Barry Quinn

Working Paper 15/101

Energy Subsidies and Public Social Spending: Theory and Evidence

Christian Ebeke; Constant Lonkeng Ngouana

Working Paper 15/102

Are African Households Heterogeneous Agents?: Stylized Facts on Patterns of Consumption, Employment, Income, and Earnings for Macroeconomic Modelers

Louise Fox

Working Paper 15/103

High Liquidity Creation and Bank Failures

Zuzana Fungacova; Rima Turk; Laurent Weill

Working Paper 15/104

Domestic and Foreign Mutual Funds in Mexico: Do They Behave Differently?

Jasmine Xiao

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