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Published Date:
October 2014
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Working Paper 14/77

Hysteresis in Unemployment and Jobless Recoveries

Dmitry Plotnikov

Working Paper 14/78

SMEs’ Access to Finance in the Euro Area: What Helps or Hampers?

Bahar Öztürk; Mico Mrkaic

Working Paper 14/79

European Productivity, Innovation, and Competitiveness: The Case of Italy

Andrew Tiffin

Working Paper 14/80

Export Spillovers from Global Shocks for the Middle East and Central Asia

Alberto Behar; Jaime Espinosa-Bowen

Working Paper 14/81

Safe Havens, Feedback Loops, and Shock Propagation in Global Asset Prices

Franziska Ohnsorge; Marcin Wolski; Yuanyan Sophia Zhang

Working Paper 14/82

Determinants of International Tourism

Alexander Culiuc

Working Paper 14/83

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility: Macroprudential Tools at Work in Canada

Ivo Krznar; James Morsink

Working Paper 14/84

Time-Varying Neutral Interest Rate—The Case of Brazil

Roberto Perrelli; Shaun K. Roache

Working Paper 14/85

Fiscal Adjustment and Income Inequality: Sub-National Evidence from Brazil

João Pedro Azevedo; Antonio David; Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos; Emilio Pineda

Working Paper 14/86

Are Banks Really Lazy? Evidence from Middle East and North Africa

Simon Gray; Philippe D Karam; Rima Turk Ariss

Working Paper 14/87

Central Bank Financial Strength in Central America and the Dominican Republic

Andrew Swiston; Florencia Frantischek; Przemek Gajdeczka; Alexander Herman

Working Paper 14/88

Financial Constraints, Intangible Assets, and Firm Dynamics: Theory and Evidence

Sophia Chen

Working Paper 14/89

Inflation Targeting and Fiscal Rules: Do Interactions and Sequencing Matter?

Jean-Louis Combes; Xavier Debrun; Alexandru Minea; Rene Tapsoba

Working Paper 14/90

Optimal Prudential Regulation of Banks and the Political Economy of Supervision

Thierry Tressel; Thierry Verdier

Working Paper 14/91

Inflation Reports and Models: How Well Do Central Banks Really Write?

Ales Bulir; Jaromír Hurník; Katerina Smidkova

Working Paper 14/92

The Case for a Long-Run Inflation Target of Four Percent

Laurence M. Ball

Working Paper 14/93

A Simple Method to Compute Fiscal Multipliers

Nicoletta Batini; Luc Eyraud; Anke Weber

Working Paper 14/94

Does Openness Matter for Financial Development in Africa?

Antonio David; Montfort Mlachila; Ashwin Moheeput

Working Paper 14/95

Managing Credit Bubbles

Alberto Martin; Jaume Ventura

Working Paper 14/96

Inflation and Public Debt Reversals in the G7 Countries

Bernardin Akitoby; Takuji Komatsuzaki; Ariel J. Binder

Working Paper 14/97

After the Fall: Lessons for Policy Cooperation from the Global Crisis

Tamim Bayoumi

Working Paper 14/98

Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Credit Supply Shocks, and Economic Recovery in Europe

Nir Klein

Working Paper 14/99

Ms. Muffet, the Spider(gram) and the Web of Macrofinancial Linkages

Ricardo Cervantes; Phakawa Jeasakul; Joseph Maloney; Li Lian Ong

Working Paper 14/100

Economic Impact of Selected Conflicts in the Middle East: What Can We Learn from the Past?

Randa Sab

Working Paper 14/101

National Income and Its Distribution

Markus Bruckner; Era Dabla-Norris; Mark Gradstein

Working Paper 14/102

An Application of the “Fan-Chart Approach” to Debt Sustainability in Post-HIPC Low-Income Countries

Maximilien Kaffo Melou; Mariusz A. Sumlinski; Chris Geiregat

Working Paper 14/103

How to Capture Macro-Financial Spillover Effects in Stress Tests?

Heiko Hesse; Ferhan Salman; Christian Schmieder

Working Paper 14/104

The Tax-adjusted Q Model with Intangible Assets: Theory and Evidence from Temporary Investment Tax Incentives

Sophia Chen; Estelle Dauchy

Working Paper 14/105

Determinants of Interest Rate Spreads in Solomon Islands

Nooman Rebei

Working Paper 14/106

The Net Stable Funding Ratio: Impact and Issues for Consideration

Jeanne Gobat; Mamoru Yanase; Joseph Maloney

Working Paper 14/107

Structural Balance Targeting and Output Gap Uncertainty

Eugen Tereanu; Anita Tuladhar; Alejandro Simone

Working Paper 14/108

Monetary Policy in Hybrid Regimes: The Case of Kazakhstan

Natan P. Epstein; Rafael Portillo

Working Paper 14/109

Impact of Fed Tapering Announcements on Emerging Markets

Prachi Mishra; Kenji Moriyama; Papa M’B. P. N’Diaye; Lam Nguyen

Working Paper 14/110

Tax Buoyancy in OECD Countries

Vincent Belinga; Dora Benedek; Ruud A. de Mooij; John Norregaard

Working Paper 14/111

Financial Plumbing and Monetary Policy

Manmohan Singh

Working Paper 14/112

On the Use of Monetary and Macroprudential Policies for Small Open Economies

F. Gulcin Ozkan; D. Filiz Unsal

Working Paper 14/113

The EU Services Directive: Gains from Further Liberalization

Emilio Fernández Corugedo; Esther Pérez Ruiz

Working Paper 14/114

Labor Tax Cuts and Employment: A General Equilibrium Approach for France

Raphael A. Espinoza; Esther Pérez Ruiz

Working Paper 14/115

Labor Market Issues in the Caribbean: Scope to Mobilize Employment Growth

Magda E. Kandil; Genevieve Lindow; Mario Mansilla; Joel Chiedu Okwuokei; Jochen M. Schmittmann; Qiaoe Chen; Xin Li; Marika Santoro; Solomon Stavis

Working Paper 14/116

Bank Risk Within and Across Equilibria

Itai Agur

Working Paper 14/117

Growth: Now and Forever?

Giang Ho; Paolo Mauro

Working Paper 14/118

Deposit Insurance Database

Asli Demirgüç-Kunt; Edward Kane; Luc Laeven

Working Paper 14/119

Why Complementarity Matters for Stability—Hong Kong SAR and Singapore as Asian Financial Centers

Vanessa Le Lesle; Franziska Ohnsorge; Minsuk Kim; Srikant Seshadri

Working Paper 14/120

Banks, Government Bonds, and Default: What do the Data Say?

Nicola Gennaioli; Alberto Martin; Stefano Rossi

Working paper 14/121

Modeling Appropriate Fiscal Targets and Optimal Consolidation Paths for Resource-Rich Countries: The Case of Suriname

Daniel Kanda; Mario Mansilla

Working Paper 14/122

Fiscal Rules and the Procyclicality of Fiscal Policy in the Developing World

Elva Bova; Nathalie Carcenac; Martine Guerguil

Working Paper 14/123

Oversight Issues in Mobile Payments

Tanai Khiaonarong

Working Paper 14/124

What Is Behind Latin America’s Declining Income Inequality?

Evridiki Tsounta; Anayochukwu Osueke

Working Paper 14/125

Debt, Growth, and Natural Disasters: A Caribbean Trilogy

Sebastian Acevedo Mejia

Working Paper 14/126

Future of Asia’s Finance: How Can it Meet Challenges of Demographic Change and Infrastructure Needs?

Ding Ding; Raphael W. Lam; Shanaka J. Peiris

Working Paper 14/127

First-Time International Bond Issuance—New Opportunities and Emerging Risks

Anastasia Guscina; Guilherme Pedras; Gabriel Presciuttini

Working Paper 14/128

Output Gap in Presence of Financial Frictions and Monetary Policy Trade-offs

Francesco Furlanetto; Paolo Gelain; Marzie Taheri Sanjani

Working Paper 14/129

Liquidity Trap and Excessive Leverage

Anton Korinek; Alp Simsek

Working Paper 14/130

Rebalancing in the Euro Area and Cyclicality of Current Account Adjustments

Thierry Tressel; Shengzu Wang

Working Paper 14/131

Progress Toward External Adjustment in the Euro Area Periphery and the Baltics

Joong Shik Kang; Jay C. Shambaugh

Working Paper 14/132

Sovereign Debt Restructurings in Belize: Achievements and Challenges Ahead

Tamon Asonuma; Gerardo Peraza; Kristine Vitola; Takahiro Tsuda

Working Paper 14/133

Macroprudential Solvency Stress Testing of the Insurance Sector

Andreas A. Jobst; Nobuyasu Sugimoto; Timo Broszeit

Working Paper 14/134

Mauritius the Drivers of Growth—Can the Past be Extended?

Katsiaryna Svirydzenka; Martin Petri

Working Paper 14/135

Middle East Transitions: A Long, Hard Road

Shahid Yusuf

Working Paper 14/136

Real and Financial Vulnerabilities from Crossborder Banking Linkages

Kyunghun Kim; Srobona Mitra

Working Paper 14/137

Strategies for Reforming Korea’s Labor Market to Foster Growth

Mai Dao; Davide Furceri; Tae-Jeong Kim; Meeyeon Kim; Jisoo Hwang

Working Paper 14/138

Japan’s Corporate Income Tax: Facts, Issues, and Reform Options

Ruud A. de Mooij; Ikuo Saito

Working Paper 14/139

Is Japan’s Population Aging Deflationary?

Derek Anderson; Dennis P. J. Botman; Ben Hunt

Working Paper 14/140

Unstash the Cash! Corporate Governance Reform in Japan

Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli

Working Paper 14/141

Balance Sheet Repair and Corporate Investment in Japan

Joong Shik Kang

Working Paper 14/142

Health Spending in Japan: Macro-Fiscal Implications and Reform Options

Masahiro Nozaki; Kenichiro Kashiwase; Ikuo Saito

Working Paper 14/143

Africa Rising: Harnessing the Demographic Dividend

Paulo Drummond; Vimal Thakoor; Shu Yu

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