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IMF Economic Review

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
December 2013
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Top-Viewed Articles in 2013

The IMF Economic Review is making three of its top-viewed articles from recent issues free-to-view until December 31, 2013. Visit to read the articles:

Issue 1: Public Investment in Resource-Abundant Developing Countries, by Andrew Berg, Rafael Portillo, Shu-Chun S. Yang, and Luis-Felipe Zanna

Issue 2: Systemic Banking Crises Database, by Luc Laeven and Fabián Valencia

Issue 3: Cyclical Unemployment, Structural Unemployment, by Peter Diamond

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“Issue after issue, the IMF Economic Review has been delivering high-impact research that embodies both methodological rigor and policy relevance. This is no small or easy achievement. The journal is required reading for all students of the global macroeconomy, whether their interest is scholarly or practical.”

—Maurice Obstfeld, Class of 1958 Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley

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