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Staff Position Notes

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
December 2009
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Staff Position Notes

The International Monetary Fund's new policy paper series called Staff Position Notes showcases policy-related analysis and research by IMF departments. The papers are generally brief and written in nontechnical language, and are aimed at a broad audience interested in economic policy issues. To access the series, point your browser to

No. 09/22

A Strategy for Renormalizing Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Advanced Economies

Carlo Cottarelli and Jose Viñals

No. 09/23

Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers

Thomas Baunsgaard and Steven A. Symansky

No. 09/24

Policies to Address Banking Sector Weakness: Evolution of Financial Markets and Institutional Indicators

Ivan Guerra, R. Barry Johnston, André O. Santos, and Karim Youssef

No. 09/25

The State of Public Finances Cross-Country Fiscal Monitor

Prepared by the Staff of the Fiscal Affairs Department

No. 09/26

The Debate on the International Monetary System

Isabelle Mateos y Lago, Rupa Duttagupta, and Rishi Goyal

No. 09/27

Unconventional Choices for Unconventional Times: Credit and Quantitative Easing in Advanced Economies

Vladimir Klyuev, Phil de Imus, and Krishna Srinivasn

No. 09/28

Climate Policy and the Recovery

Benjamin Jones and Michael Keen

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