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Visiting Scholars, December 2008–March 2009

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
March 2009
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IMF Research Bulletin

M. Ayhan Kose


David Einhorn

Assistant Editor

Feras Abu Amra

Systems Consultant

Julio Prego


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Visiting Scholars, December 2008–March 2009

Senay Agca; George Washington University; 11/10/08–11/28/08

Pierpaolo Benigno; Luiss Guido Carli, Italy; 12/4/08–12/5/08

Menzie Chinn; University of Wisconsin; 1/15/09–2/27/09

Francis Xavier Diebold III; University of Pennsylvania; 12/10/08–12/10/08

Antonio Fatas; INSEAD; 12/1/08–4/30/09

Jordi Gali; CREI, Spain; 1/20/09–4/30/09

Andrea Gerali; Bank of Italy; 1/8/09–1/28/09

Don Harding; Latrobe University; 1/12/09–1/13/09

Jean Imbs; University of Lausanne, Switzerland; 12/15/08–12/19/08

Lakshmi Iyer; Harvard Business School; 1/12/09–1/16/09

Michel Juillard; Bank of France and CEPREMAP; 1/5/09–1/9/09

Lutz Kilian; University of Michigan; 12/11/08–12/12/08

John Muellbauer; Oxford University; 1/12/09–1/16/09

Kenneth Singleton; Stanford Graduate School of Business; 12/2/08–12/4/08

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