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International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
March 2009
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No. 08/257

Tax Concessions and Foreign Direct Investment in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Chai, Jingqing; Goyal, Rishi

No. 08/258

Counterparty Risk in the Over-The-Counter Derivatives Market

Segoviano Basurto, Miguel A.; Singh, Manmohan

No. 08/259

Is it (Still) Mostly Fiscal? Determinants of Sovereign Spreads in Emerging Markets

Baldacci, Emanuele; Gupta, Sanjeev; Mati, Amine

No. 08/260

Fundamentals at Odds? The U.S. Current Account Deficit and the Dollar

Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria

No. 08/261

Strategic Considerations for First-Time Sovereign Bond Issuers

Das, Udaibir S.; Papaioannou, Michael G.; Polan, Magdalena

No. 08/262

The Tasks Ahead

IMF Research Department, under the direction of Olivier Blanchard

No. 08/263

What is Really Good for Long-Term Growth? Lessons from a Binary Classification Tree (BCT) Approach

Duttagupta, Rupa; Mlachila, Montfort

No. 08/264

Macroeconomics of Migration in New Member States

Bems, Rudolfs; Schellekens, Philip

No. 08/265

Do Financial Sector Reforms Lead to Financial Development? Evidence from a New Dataset

Tressel, Thierry; Detragiache, Enrica

No. 08/266

A New Database of Financial Reforms

Abiad, Abdul; Detragiache, Enrica; Tressel, Thierry

No. 08/267

Dynamic Factor Price Equalization and International Income Convergence

François, Joseph; Shiells, Clinton R.

No. 08/268

Efficiency and Performance of Bulgarian Private Pensions

Impavido, Gregorio

No. 08/269

One-Size-Fits-One: Tailor-Made Fiscal Responses to Capital Flows

Zakharova, Daria

No. 08/270

Inflation Determinants in Paraguay: Cost Push versus Demand Pull Factors

Monfort, Brieuc; Peña, Santiago

No. 08/271

Analyzing Determinants of Inflation When There Are Data Limitation: The Case of Sierra Leone

Gottschalk, Jan; Kalonji, Kadima D.; Miyajima, Ken

No. 08/272

The Macroeconomic Impact of Healthcare Financing Alternatives: Reform Options for Hong Kong SAR

Botman, Dennis P.J.; Porter, Nathaniel John

No. 08/273

Hong Kong SAR Economic Integration with the Pearl River Delta

Chen, Hongyi; Unteroberdoerster, Olaf

No. 08/274

What Happens During Recessions, Crunches, and Busts?

Claessens, Stijn; Kose, M. Ayhan; Terrones, Marco

No. 08/275

Estimating Potential Output and the Output Gap in Slovakia

Konuki, Tetsuya

No. 08/276

From Crisis to IMF-Supported Program: Does Democracy Impede the Speed Required by Financial Markets?

Mody, Ashoka; Saravia, Diego

No. 08/277

What Attracts Tourists to Paradise?

Tsounta, Evridiki

No. 08/278

A Small Quarterly Projection Model of the U.S. Economy

Carabenciov, Ioan; Ermolaev, Igor; Freedman, Charles; Juillard, Michel; Kamenik, Ondra; Korshunov, Dmitry; Laxton, Douglas

No. 08/279

A Small Quarterly Multi-Country Projection Model

Juillard, Michel; Laxton, Douglas; Carabenciov, Ioan; Ermolaev, Igor; Freedman, Charles; Korshunov, Dmitry; Laxton, Jared; Kamenik, Ondra

No. 08/280

A Small Quarterly Multi-Country Projection Model with Financial-Real Linkages and Oil Prices

Carabenciov, Ioan; Ermolaev, Igor; Freedman, Charles; Juillard, Michel; Kamenik, Ondra; Korshunov, Dmitry; Laxton, Douglas; Laxton, Jared

No. 08/281

Can Regional Cross-Listings Accelerate Stock Market Development? Empirical Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Adelegan, O. Janet

No. 08/282

Expenditure Ceilings - A Survey

Ljungman, Gösta

No. 08/283

Cross-Border Coordination of Prudential Supervision and Deposit Guarantees

Hardy, Daniel C. L.; Nieto, María

No. 08/284

New Shocks, Exchange Rates and Equity Prices

Matsumoto, Akito; Cova, Pietro; Pisani, Massimiliano; Rebucci, Alessandro

No. 08/285

The Impact of Introducing a Minimum Wage on Business Cycle Volatility: A Structural Analysis for Hong Kong SAR

Porter, Nathaniel John; Vitek, Francis

No. 08/286

Volatility Spillovers and Contagion from Mature to Emerging Stock Markets

Beirne, John; Maria Caporale, Guglielmo; Schulze-Ghattas, Marianne; Spagnolo, Nicola

No. 08/287

Explaining Episodes of Growth Accelerations, Decelerations, and Collapses in Western Africa

Imam, Patrick A.; Salinas, Gonzalo

No. 08/288

Is Monetary Policy Effective When Credit Is Low?

Saizar, Ana Carolina; Chalk, Nigel Andrew

No. 08/289

Monetary Policy and Relative Price Shocks in South Africa and Other Inflation Targeters

Cuevas, Alfredo; Topak, Secil

No. 09/1

Inflation Pressures and Monetary Policy Options in Emerging and Developing Countries—A Cross Regional Perspective

Habermeier, Karl Friedrich; Ötker-Robe, Inci; Jácome, Luis Ignacio; Giustiniani, Alessandro; Ishi, Kotaro; Vávra, David; Kisinbay, Turgut; Vázquez, Francisco F.

No. 09/2

Recent French Export Performance: Is There a Competitiveness Problem?

Kabundi, Alain N.; Nadal-De Simone, Francisco

No. 09/3

Yen Bloc or Yuan Bloc: An Analysis of Currency Arrangements in East Asia

Shirono, Kazuko

No. 09/4

Banking Stability Measures

Segoviano Basurto, Miguel A.; Goodhart, C.A.E.

No. 09/5

A European Mandate for Financial Sector Supervisors in the EU

Hardy, Daniel C.L.

No. 09/6

Regional Financial Interlinkages and Financial Contagion Within Europe

Arvai, Zsofia; Driessen, Karl; Ötker-Robe, Inci

No. 09/7

Australia and New Zealand Exchange Rates: A Quantitative Assessment

Edison, Hali J.; Vitek, Francis

No. 09/8

The Role for Counter-Cyclical Fiscal Policy in Singapore

Eskesen, Leif Lybecker

No. 09/9

Distress in European Banks: An Analysis Based on a New Dataset

Poghosyan, Tigran; Cihák, Martin

No. 09/10

Benford’s Law and Macroeconomic Data Quality

Gonzalez-Garcia, Jesus; Pastor, Gonzalo C.

No. 09/11

How Can Burundi Raise Its Growth Rate? The Impact of Civil Conflicts and State Intervention on Burundi’s Growth Performance

Basdevant, Olivier

No. 09/12

The International Diversification Puzzle When Goods Prices Are Sticky: It’s Really about Exchange-Rate Hedging, not Equity Portfolios

Engel, Charles; Matsumoto, Akito

No. 09/13

Why Do Central Banks Go Weak?

Ize, Alain; Oulidi, Nada

No. 09/14

Bank Efficiency in Sub-Saharan African Middle-Income Countries

Chen, Chuling

No. 09/15

The Determinants of Commercial Bank Profitability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Flamini, Valentina; McDonald, Calvin A.; Schumacher, Liliana

No. 09/16

The Declining Importance of Tradable Goods Manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand: How Much Can Growth Theory Explain?

Hunt, Ben

No. 09/17

Does Global Liquidity Matter for Monetary Policy in the Euro Area?

Berger, Helge; Harjes, Thomas

No. 09/18

On Impatience and Policy Effectiveness

Bayoumi, Tamim; Sgherri, Silvia

No. 09/19

An Index Number Formula Problem: The Aggregation of Broadly Comparable Items

Silver, Mick

No. 09/20

Capital Inflows and the Real Exchange Rate: Can Financial Development Cure the Dutch Disease?

Saborowski, Christian

No. 09/21

Causes, Benefits, and Risks of Business Tax Incentives

Klemm, Alexander

No. 09/22

Monetary and Fiscal Rules in an Emerging Small Economy

Batini, Nicoletta; Levine, Paul; Pearlman, Joseph

No. 09/23

Regional Financial Spillovers Across Europe: A Global VAR Analysis

Galesi, Alessandro; Sgherri, Silvia

No. 09/24

Can Markets Compute Equilibria?

Monroe, Hunter

No. 09/25

Why Isn’t South Africa Growing Faster? A Comparative Approach

Eyraud, Luc

No. 09/26

An Investigation of Some Macro-Financial Linkages of Securitization

Goswami, Mangal; Jobst, Andreas; Long, Xin

No. 09/27

The Values of Institutions for Financial Markets: Evidence from Emerging Markets

Akitoby, Bernardin; Stratmann, Thomas

No. 09/28

Current Account Determinants for Oil-Exporting Countries

Morsy, Hanan

No. 09/29

The Cost of Aggressive Sovereign Debt Policies: How Much Is the Private Sector Affected?

Trebesch, Christoph

No. 09/30

Are Capital Controls Effective in the 21st Century? The Recent Experience of Colombia

Clements, Benedict J.; Kamil, Herman

No. 09/31

In Search of WTO Trade Effects: Preferential Trade Agreements Promote Trade Strongly, But Unevenly

Eicher, Theo S.; Henn, Christian

No. 09/32

Evaluating Historical CGER Assessments: How Well Have They Predicted Subsequent Exchange Rate Movements

Abiad, Abdul; Kannan, Prakash; Lee, Jungjin

No. 09/33

Current Account and Precautionary Savings for Exporters of Exhaustible Resources

Bems, Rudolfs; Carvalho Filho, Irineu E.

No. 09/34

The Inflation-Unemployment Trade-off at Low Inflation

Benigno, Pierpaolo; Ricci, Luca Antonio

No. 09/35

The Volatility Costs of Procyclical Lending Standards: An Assessment Using a DSGE Model

Gruss, Bertrand; Sgherri, Silvia

No. 09/36

The Macroeconomic Impact of Scaled-up Aid: The Case of Niger

Farah, Abdikarim; Sacerdoti, Emilio; Salinas, Gonzalo

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