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Recent External Publications by IMF Staff

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
June 2009
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Journal Articles

Abiad, Abdul; Leigh, Daniel; Mody, Ashoka

“Financial Integration, Capital Mobility, and Income Convergence”

Economic Policy

Arora, Vivek

“Economic Downturn and Fiscal Stimulus: An International Perspective and China's Situation”

China Bond

Arora, Vivek

“The Global Financial Crisis and China's Situation: The Steps Ahead”

China Money

Bahmani, Mohsen; Kandil, Magda

“Are Devaluations Contractionary in MENA Countries?”

Applied Economics

Bunda, Irina; Hamann, A. Javier; Lall, Subir

“Correlations in Emerging Market Bonds: The Role of Local and Global Factors”

Emerging Markets Review

Clausen, Jens; Kandil, Magda

“On Cyclicality in the Current and Financial Accounts: Evidence from Nine Industrial Countries”

Eastern Economic Journal

Diewert, Erwin; Heravi, Saeed; Silver, Mick

“Hedonic Imputation Indexes Versus Time Dummy Hedonic Indexes”

NBER Studies in Income and Wealth

Engel, Charles; Matsumoto, Akito

“The International Diversification Puzzle when Goods Prices are Sticky: It's Really about Exchange-Rate Hedging, not Equity Portfolios”

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Ganelli, Giovanni; Tervala, Juha

“Can Government Spending Increase Private Consumption? The Role of Complementarity”

Economics Letters

Giuliano, Paola; Ruiz-Arranz, Marta

“Remittances, Financial Development, and Growth”

Journal of Development Economics

Guner, Bernhard G.; Rahman, Jesmin; Shi, Haiyan

“Linking Social Development with the Capacity to Carry Debt: Towards an MDG-Consistent Debt-Sustainability Concept”

Development Policy Review

Gupta, Sanjeev; Bornhorst, Fabian; Thornton, John

“Natural Resource Endowments, Governance, and the Domestic Revenue Effort: Evidence from a Panel of Countries”

The European Journal of Political Economy

Hassine, Nadia Belhaj; Kandil, Magda

“Trade Liberalization, Agricultural Productivity, and Poverty in the Mediterranean Region”

European Review of Agricultural Economics

Kandil, Magda

“Demand-Side Stabilization Policies: What is the Evidence of Their Potential?”

Journal of Economics and Business

Kandil, Magda

“Exchange Rate Fluctuations and the Balance of Payments: Channels of Interaction in Developing and Developed Countries”

Journal of Economic Integration

Kandil, Magda

“On the Relation between Financial Flows and the Trade Balance in Developing Countries”

Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

Kannan, Prakash

“On the Welfare Benefits of an International Currency”

European Economic Review

Li, Xiangming; Dunaway, Steve; Leigh, Lamin

“How Robust are Estimates of Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates: The Case of China”

Pacific Economic Review

Mayda, Anna Maria; Steinberg, Chad

“Do South-South Trade Agreements Increase Trade? Commodity-Level Evidence from COMESA”

Canadian Journal of Economics

Mercereau, Benoit; Miniane, Jacques

“Should We Trust the Empirical Evidence from Present Value Models of the Current Account”

Economics E-Journal

Šmídková, Katerina; Bulír, Aleš Cihák, Martin

“Hits and Misses: Ten Years of Czech Inflation Targeting” Czech Journal of Finance and Economics

Tanner, Evan; Carey, Kevin

“The Perils of Tax Smoothing: Sustainable Fiscal Policy with Random Shocks to Permanent Output”

Czech Journal of Finance and Economics

Ueda, Kenichi; Townsend, Robert M

“Welfare Gains From Financial Liberalization”

International Economic Review

Yartey, Charles Amo

“Capital Market Liberalization and Development”

Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

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