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IMF Staff Papers

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
June 2009
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Volume 56 Number 2

The Dynamics of Provincial Growth in China: A Nonparametric Approach

Bulent Unel, and Harm Zebregs

Central Bank Autonomy: Lessons from Global Trends

Marco Arnone, Bernard J Laurens, Jean-François Segalotto, and Martin Sommer

Do Unit Value Export, Import, and Terms-of-Trade Indices Misrepresent Price Indices?

Mick Silver

Why Has the Grass Been Greener on One Side of Hispaniola? A Comparative Growth Analysis of the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Laura Jaramillo, and Cemile Sancak

Special Section: Global Reach? Perspectives on U.S. International Spillovers


John Lipsky

Foreign Entanglements: Estimating the Source and Size of Spillovers Across Industrial Countries

Tamim Bayoumi and Andrew Swiston

Yen Carry Trade and the Subprime Crisis

Masazumi Hattori and Hyun Song Shin

Rhyme or Reason: What Explains the Easy Financing of the U.S. Current Account Deficit?

Ravi Balakrishnan, Tamim Bayoumi, and Volodymyr Tulin

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