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IMF Working Papers

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
June 2009
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IMF Working Papers

No. 09/37

Dedollarization in Liberia—Lessons from Cross-Country Experience

Erasmus, Lodewyk; Leichter, Jules; Menkulasi, Jeta

No. 09/38

Can the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union Afford to Grow Old?

Monroe, Hunter K.

No. 09/39

Procyclicality and Fair Value Accounting

Novoa, Alicia; Scarlata, Jodi; Solé, Juan

No. 09/40

Capital Inflows: Macroeconomic Implications and Policy Responses

Cardarelli, Roberto; Elekdag, Selim; Kose, M. Ayhan

No. 09/41

Commodity Price Volatility, Cyclical Fluctuations, and Convergence: What is Ahead for Inflation in Emerging Europe?

Zoli, Edda

No. 09/42

Deleveraging After Lehman—Evidence from Reduced Rehypothecation

Singh, Manmohan; Aitken, James

No. 09/43

The Second Transition: Eastern Europe in Perspective

Fabrizio, Stefania; Leigh, Daniel; Mody, Ashoka

No. 09/44

Exchange Rates and Wages in an Integrated World

Mishra, Prachi; Spilimbergo, Antonio

No. 09/45

Competition in the Financial Sector: Overview of Competition Policies

Claessens, Stijn

No. 09/46

Sovereign Default, Private Sector Creditors and the IFIs

Boz, Emine

No. 09/47

The Italian Labor Market: Recent Trends, Institutions, and Reform Options

Schindler, Martin

No. 09/48

International Currency Portfolios

Kumhof, Michael

No. 09/49

In Search of a Dramatic Equilibrium: Was the Armenian Dram Overvalued?

Oomes, Nienke; Minasyan, Gohan; Stepanyan, Ara

No. 09/50

Fiscal and Monetary Policy During Downturns: Evidence from the G7

Leigh, Daniel; Stehn, Sven Jari

No. 09/51

Forces Driving Inflation in the New EU10 Members

Stavrev, Emil

No. 09/52

Global Liquidity, Risk Premiums and Growth Opportunities

De Nicoló, Gianni; Ivaschenko, Iryna V.

No. 09/53

Credit Market in Morocco: A Disequilibrium Approach

Allain, Laurence; Oulidi, Nada

No. 09/54

Foreign Banks in the CESE Countries: In for a Penny, in for a Pound?

Maechler, Andrea M.; Ong, Li L.

No. 09/56

A Primer on Fiscal Analysis in Oil-Producing Countries

Medas, Paulo A.; Zakharova, Daria

No. 09/57

Irrational Exuberance in the U.S. Housing Market: Were Evangelicals Left Behind?

Crowe, Christopher W.

No. 09/58

Social Security Reforms in Colombia: Striking Demographic and Fiscal Balances

Clavijo, Sergio

No. 09/59

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Options for Dealing with External Shocks: Insights from the GIMF for Colombia

Clements, Benedict J.; Flores, Enrique; Leigh, Daniel

No. 09/60

Targeting Social Transfers to the Poor in Mexico

Coady, David; Parker, Susan

No. 09/61

Universal Health Care 101: Lessons for the Eastern Caribbean and Beyond

Tsounta, Evridiki

No. 09/62

The Use (and Abuse) of CDS Spreads During Distress

Singh, Manmohan; Spackman, Carolyne

No. 09/63

Global Imbalances: The Role of Non-Tradable Total Factor Productivity in Advanced Economies

Cova, Pietro; Pisani, Massimiliano; Batini, Nicoletta; Rebucci, Alessandro

No. 09/64

Global Imbalances: The Role of Emerging Asia

Cova, Pietro; Pisani, Massimiliano; Rebucci, Alessandro

No. 09/65

Developing a Structured Forecasting and Policy Analysis System to Support Inflation-Forecast Targeting

Laxton, Douglas; Rose, David; Scott, Alasdair

No. 09/66

A New Keynesian Model of the Armenian Economy

Mkrtchyan, Ashot; Dabla-Norris, Era; Stepanyan, Ara

No. 09/67

Accounting for Output Drops in Latin America

Lama, Ruy

No. 09/68

Five Years After: European Union Membership and Macro-Financial Stability in the New Member States

Cihák, Martin; Fonteyne, Wim

No. 09/69

From Subprime Loans to Subprime Growth? Evidence for the Euro Area

Cihák, Martin; Koeva Brooks, Petya

No. 09/70

Financial Stability Frameworks and the Role of Central Banks: Lessons from the Crisis

Nier, Erlend

No. 09/71

ECCU Business Cycles: Impact of the U.S.

Sun, Yan; Samuel, Wendell A.

No. 09/72

The Missing Link Between Financial Constraints and Productivity

Moreno Badia, Marialuz; Slootmaekers, Veerle

No. 09/73

A Coincident Indicator of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Business Cycle

Al-Hassan, Abdullah

No. 09/74

Limited Information Bayesian Model Averaging for Dynamic Panels with Short Time Periods

Chen, Huigang; Mirestean, Alin; Tsangarides, Charalambos G.

No. 09/75

Grants, Remittances, and the Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate in Sub-Saharan African Countries

Mongardini, Joannes; Rayner, Brett

No. 09/76

Simple, Implementable Fiscal Policy Rules

Kumhof, Michael; Laxton, Douglas

No. 09/77

Optimal Reserves in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

Dehesa, Mario; Pineda, Emilio; Samuel, Wendell A.

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