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External Publications by IMF Staff

Antonio Spilimbergo
Published Date:
August 2006
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Journal Articles


Adedeji, Olumuyiwa S.; Handa, Jagdish

“The Size and Sustainability of the Nigerian Current Account Deficits”

Journal of Developing Areas

Aidt, T.S.; Dutta, J.; Loukoianova, E.

“Democracy Comes to Europe: Franchise Extension and Fiscal Outcomes 1830-1938”

European Economic Review

Cashin, Paul; Edison, Hali; Liang, Hong

“Foreign Exchange Intervention and the Australian Dollar: Has It Mattered?”

International Journal of Money and Finance

Cashin, Paul; Pattillo, Catherine

“African Terms of Trade and the Commodity Terms of Trade: Close Cousins or Distant Relatives?”

Applied Economics

Dabla-Norris, Era

“Challenges of Fiscal Decentralization in Transition Countries”

Comparative Economic Studies

Dell’Ariccia, Giovanni; Marquez, Robert

“Competition Among Regulators and Credit Market Integration”

Journal of Financial Economics

González-Hermosillo, Brenda; Dungey, M.; Fry, R.; Martin, V.

“Contagion in International Bond Markets during the Russian and LTCM Crises”

Journal of Financial Stability

Kandil, Magda

“On the Transmission of Exchange Rate Fluctuations to the Macroeconomy: Contrasting Evidence for Developing and Developed Countries”

Journal of International Trade and Economic Development

Kandil, Magda

“Wage Flexibility and Economic Performance: Evidence and Implications Across Industrial Countries”

Bulletin of Economic Research

Keen, Michael; Ligthart, Jenny

“Incentives and Information Exchange in International Taxation”

International Tax and Public Finance

Ley, Eduardo

“Statistical Inference as a Bargaining Game”

Economic Letters

Podpiera, Richard; Čihák, Martin

“Is One Watchdog Better Than Three? International Experience with Integrated Financial Sector Supervision”

Czech Journal of Economics and Finance

Podpiera, Richard; Dvorak, Tomás

“European Union Enlargement and Equity Markets in Accession Countries”

Emerging Markets Review

Prati, Alessandro; Bartolini, Leonardo

“Cross-Country Differences in Monetary Policy Execution and Money Market Rates’ Volatility”

European Economic Review

Rebucci, Alessandro; Ciccarelli, M.

“Has the Transmission Mechanism of European Monetary Policy Changed in the Run-Up to EMU?”

European Economic Review

Williams, Oral; Adedeji, Olumuyiwa S.

“Inflation Dynamics in a Small Emerging Market”

Journal of Applied Economics

Other External Publications (Books, Conference Volumes)


Cashin, Paul; McDermott, C. John

“Properties of International Commodity Prices: Identifying Permanent Versus Temporary Commodity Price Shocks” in Symposium on the State of Agricultural Commodity Market Research (Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

Sahay, Ratna; Cashin, Paul; Mauro, Paolo; Pattillo, Catherine

“Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction: Stylized Facts and an Overview of Research” in Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction

Silver, Mick; Heravi, S.

“Hedonic Indexes: A Study of Alternative Methods” in Hard-to-Measure Goods and Services: Essays in Honor of Zvi Griliches, ed. by E. R. Berndt and C. Hulten (National Bureau of Economic Research/Center for Research in Income and Wealth: University of Chicago Press)

Vamvakidis, Athanasios

“The Convergence Experience of the Greek Economy in the EU: Lessons for EU Accession Countries” in Successes and Failures in Real Convergence

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