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Published Date:
September 2001
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April–June 2001

Working Paper No. 01/27

Sustaining Fixed Exchange Rates: A Model with Debt and Institutions

Pitt, Alexander

Working Paper No. 01/28

Euro-Area Banking at the Crossroads

Belaisch, Agnes; Kodres, Laura; Levy, Joaquim V.; Ubide, Angel

Working Paper No. 01/29

What Drives Contagion: Trade, Neighborhood, or Financial Links?

Hernandez, Leonardo F.; Valdes, Rodrigo O.

Working Paper No. 01/30

In Search of Coincident and Leading Indicators of Economic Activity in Argentina

Simone, Alejandro

Working Paper No. 01/31

Inflation Targeting in the Context of IMF-Supported Adjustment Programs

Blejer, Mario I.; Leone, Alfredo M.; Rabanal, Pau; Schwartz, Gerd

Working Paper No. 01/32

Human Capital Convergence: International Evidence

Sab, Randa; Smith, Stephen C.

Working Paper No. 01/33

Africa’s Trade Revisited

Subramanian, Arvind; Tamirisa, Natalia

Working Paper No. 01/34

Monetary Union in West Africa: An Agency of Restraint for Fiscal Policies?

Masson, Paul R.; Pattillo, Catherine

Working Paper No. 01/35

Social Sector Reform in Transition Countries

Heller, Peter S.; Keller, Christian

Working Paper No. 01/36

Mortgage Market Development, Savings, and Growth

Li, Xiaowei

Working Paper No. 01/37

Obstacles to Faster Growth in Transition Economies: The Mongolian Case

Black, Stanley W.

Working Paper No. 01/38

PPP and the Balassa-Samuelson Effect: The Role of the Distribution Sector

MacDonald, Ronald; Ricci, Luca Antonio

Working Paper No. 01/39

The Equilibrium Distributions of Value for Risky Stocks and Bonds

Johannes, Ronald L.

Working Paper No. 01/40

Population Aging in Japan: Demographic Shock and Fiscal Sustainability

Faruqee, Hamid; Muhleisen, Martin

Working Paper No. 01/41

International Trade in Manufactured Products: A Ricardo-Heckscher-Ohlin Explanation with Monopolistic Competition

Choudhri, Ehsan; Hakura, Dalia

Working Paper No. 01/42

How Does Privatization Work? Ownership Concentration and Enterprise Performance in Ukraine

Pivovarsky, Alexander

Working Paper No. 01/43

Measures to Limit the Offshore Use of Currencies: Pros and Cons

Ishii, Shogo; Otker-Robe, Inci; Cui, Li

Working Paper No. 01/44

Inflation and Financial Depth

Khan, Mohsin S.; Senhadji, Abdelhak S.; Smith, Bruce

Working Paper No. 01/45

Comparing Projections and Outcomes of IMF-Supported Programs

Musso, Alberto; Phillips, Steven

Working Paper No. 01/46

How Do Countries Choose Their Exchange Rate Regime?

Poirson, Helene

Working Paper No. 01/47

Financial Sustainability and Reform Options for the Albanian Pension Fund

Treichel, Volker

Working Paper No. 01/48

The Fall and Recovery of the Cuban Economy in the 1990s: Mirage or Reality?

Hernandez-Cata, Ernesto

Working Paper No. 01/49

Currency Crises and the Real Economy: The Role of Banks

Disyatat, Piti

Working Paper No. 01/50

High Inflation and Real Wages

Braumann, Benedikt

Working Paper No. 01/51

Securities Transaction Taxes and Financial Markets

Habermeier, Karl; Kirilenko, Andrei

Working Paper No. 01/52

Indonesia: Anatomy of a Banking Crisis, Two Years of Living Dangerously, 1997–99

Enoch, Charles; Baldwin, Barbara; Frecaut, Olivier; Kovanen, Arto

Working Paper No. 01/53

Financial Reforms in Sudan: Streamlining Bank Intermediation

Kireyev, Alexei

Working Paper No. 01/54

International Trade and Poverty Alleviation

Bannister, Geoffrey; Thugge, Kamau

Working Paper No. 01/55

Transition Economies: How Appropriate Is the Size and Scope of Government?

Gupta, Sanjeev; Leruth, Luc; de Mello, Luiz; Chakravarti, Shamit

Working Paper No. 01/56

Interpreting Real Exchange Rate Movements in Transition Countries

De Broeck, Mark; Sløk, Torsten

Working Paper No. 01/57

Intrahousehold Allocation of Resources: The Bolivian Family

Inchauste, Gabriela

Working Paper No. 01/58

Monetary Implications of Cross-Border Derivatives for Emerging Economies

Morales, Armando

Working Paper No. 01/59

Whose Inflation? A Characterization of the CPI Plutocratic Bias

Ley, Eduardo

Working Paper No. 01/60

Price Volatility and Financial Instability

Worrell, DeLisle; Leon, Hyginus

Working Paper No. 01/61

Financial Implications of the Shrinking Supply of U.S. Treasury Securities

Schinasi, Garry J.; Kramer, Charles; Smith, R. Todd

Working Paper No. 01/62

Financial System Standards and Financial Stability: The Case of Basel Core Principles

Sundararajan, V.; Marston, David; Basu, Ritu

Working Paper No. 01/63

Domestic Bank Regulation and Financial Crises: Theory and Empirical Evidence from East Asia

Dekle, Robert; Kletzer, Kenneth M.

Working Paper No. 01/64

Determinants of Private Capital Flows in the 1970s and 1990s: Is There Evidence of Contagion?

Hernandez, Leonardo F.; Mellado, Pamela; Valdes, Rodrigo O.

Working Paper No. 01/65

Intergovernmental Relations and Fiscal Discipline: Between Commons and Soft Budget Constraints

Pisauro, Giuseppe

Working Paper No. 01/66

Sanctions and Civil Conflict

Gershenson, Dimitry

Working Paper No. 01/67

Bank Debit Taxes in Latin America: An Analysis of Recent Trends

Coelho, Isaias; Ebrill, Liam P.; Summers, Victoria P.

Working Paper No. 01/68

The Long-Run Behavior of Commodity Prices: Small Trends and Big Variability

Cashin, Paul; McDermott, C. John

Working Paper No. 01/69

An Exploration of the Private Sector Response to Changes in Government Saving Across OECD Countries

Thomas, Alun H.

Working Paper No. 01/70

What is Different About Family Businesses?

Chami, Ralph

Working Paper No. 01/71

Fiscal Decentralization and Governance: A Cross-Country Analysis

de Mello, Luiz; Barenstein, Matias

Working Paper No. 01/72

Treatment of Mobile Phone Licenses in the National Accounts

Dippelsman, Robert; Maehle, Nils

Working Paper No. 01/73

Competition Among Regulators

Dell’Ariccia, Giovanni; Marquez, Robert

Working Paper No. 01/74

Fiscal Deficits and Inflation: A New Look at the Emerging Market Evidence

Catao, Luis; Terrones, Marco

Working Paper No. 01/75

Domestic Petroleum Price Smoothing in Developing and Transition Countries

Federico, Giulio; Daniel, James; Bingham, Benedict

Working Paper No. 01/76

The International Lender of Last Resort: How Large Is Large Enough?

Jeanne, Olivier; Wyplosz, Charles

Working Paper No. 01/77

Wealth Effects and the New Economy

Edison, Hali; Sløk, Torsten

Working Paper No. 01/78

New Economy Stock Valuations and Investment in the 1990s

Edison, Hali; Sløk, Torsten

Working Paper No. 01/79

Benefits of Compliance with Securities Listing Standards: Evidence from the Depository Receipt Market

Sarr, Abdourahmane

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