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External Publications by IMF Staff

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
September 2001
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January–June 2001

Journal Articles

Alberola, Enrique; Crevero, Susano; Lopez, Humberto; Ubide, Angel

Quo Vadis, Euro?

European Journal of Finance

Altig, David; Auberbach, Alan J.; Kotlikoff, Laurence J.; Smetters, Kent A.; Walliser, Jan

Simulating Fundamental Tax Reform in the United States

American Economic Review

Bakker, Bas

On Employment Performance in the Netherlands and Belgium

Economische Statistische Berichten

Bartolini, Leonardo; Bertola, Giuseppe; Prati, Alessandro

Banks’ Reserve Management, Transaction Costs, and the Timing of Federal Reserve Intervention

Journal of Banking and Finance

Berthélemy, Jean-Claude; Söderling, Ludvig

The Role of Capital Accumulation, Adjustment, and Structural Change for Economic Take-Off: Empirical Evidence from African Growth Episodes

World Development

Boughton, James M.

The Case Against Harry Dexter White: Still Not Proven

History of Political Economy

Bulíř Ales

The Impact of Macroeconomic Policies on the Distribution of Income

Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics

Christoffersen, Peter; Sløk, Torsten; Wescott, Robert

Is Inflation Targeting Feasible in Poland?

Economics in Transition

Christou, Costas

Differential Borrowing Constraints and Investment in Human Capital

Journal of Macroeconomics

Fernández, Carmen; Ley, Eduardo; Steel, Mark

Benchmark Priors for Bayesian Model Averaging

Journal of Econometrics

Gelos, Gaston R.; Sahay, Ratna

Financial Market Spillovers in Transition Economies

Economics of Transition

Gershenson, Dimitry; Grossman, Herschel I.

Cooption and Repression in the Soviet Union

Economics and Politics

Hakura, Dalia

Why Does HOV Fail? The Role of Technological Differences Within the EC

Journal of International Economics

Hilbers, Paul

The IMF/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program

Economic Perspectives

Hussain, Mumtaz; Brookins, Oscar

On the Determinants of National Saving: An Extreme-Bounds Analysis

Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv / Review of World Economics

Isard, Peter; Laxton, Douglas; Eliasson, Ann-Charlotte

Inflation Targeting with NAIRU Uncertainty and Endogenous Policy Credibility

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control

Jadresic, Esteban; Masson, Paul; Mauro, Paolo

Exchange Rate Regimes of Developing Countries: Global Context and Individual Choices

Journal of the Japanese and International Economies

Kandil, Magda Elsayed

Asymmetry in the Effects of U.S. Government Spending Shocks: Evidence and Implications

The Quarterly Review of Economic Finance

Kandil, Madga Elsayed

On Differences Between East and West Germany in 1970–90

International Journal of Social Economics

Kandil, Magda Elsayed

Variations in the Effects of Aggregate Demand Shocks: Evidence and Implications Across Industrial Countries

Southern Economic Journal

Kim, Jung Yeon; Mody, Ashoka; Taylor, Mark

Modeling Economic Fundamentals for Forecasting Capital Flows to Emerging Markets

International Journal of Finance and Economics

Kinoshita, Yuko; Mody, Ashoka

Private Information for Foreign Investment in Emerging Economies

Canadian Journal of Economics

Masson, Paul R.

Exchange Rate Regime Transitions

Journal of Development Economics

Redding, Lee; Faruqee, Hamid

Asset Markets and Endogenous Liquidity

Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Spilimbergo, Antonio

Testing the Hypothesis of Collusive Behavior among OPEC members

Energy Economics

Unteroberdoerster, Olaf

Trade and Transboundary Pollution: Spatial Separation Reconsidered

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

Contributions to Books and Conference Volumes

Alier, Max; Vittas, Dimitri

Personal Pension Plans and Stock Market Volatility

New Ideas About Old Age Security, ed. by Robert Holzmann and Joseph Stiglitz

Borensztein, Eduardo; Zettelmeyer, Jeronimo

Monetary Independence in Emerging Markets: Does the Exchange Rate Regime Make a Difference?

Currency Unions, ed. by Alberto Alesina and Robert Barro

Chalk, Nigel; Hemming, Richard

Assessing Fiscal Sustainability in Theory and Practice

Fiscal Sustainability, Public Finance Workshop Volume Banca D’Italia Research Department

Claessens, Stijn; Djankov, Simeon; Mody, Ashoka

Resolution of Financial Distress: An International Perspective on the Design of Bankruptcy Laws

World Bank Institute, Washington D.C.

Clements, Benedict; Gupta, Sanjeev; Schiff, Jerald

What Happened to the Peace Dividend?

The Economics of Defence, ed. by Keith Hartley and Todd Sandler

Corbo, Vittorio; Hernández, Leonardo

Private Capital Inflows and the Role of Economic Fundamentals

Capital Flows, Capital Controls, and Currency Crisis: Latin America in the 1990s, ed. by Felipe Larraín

Davoodi, Hamid; Gupta, Sanjeev; Tiongson, Erwin

Corruption and the Provision of Health Care and Education Services

Political Economy of Corruption, ed. by Arvind K. Jain

Davoodi, Hamid; Tanzi, Vito

Corruption, Growth, and Public Finances

Political Economy of Corruption, ed. by Arvind K. Jain

Eichengreen, Barry; Hale, Galina; Mody, Ashoka

Flight to Quality: Investor Risk Tolerance and the Spread of Emerging Market Crises

International Financial Contagion, ed. by Stijn Claessens and Kristin J. Forbes

Gallego, Franciso; Hernández, Leonardo; Schmidt-Hebbel, Klaus

Capital Controls in Chile: Were They Effective?

Banking, Financial Integration, and International Crises, ed. by Leonardo Hernández and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Henstridge, Mark I.; Kasekende, Louis A.

Exchange Reforms, Stabilization, and Fiscal Management

Uganda’s Recovery: The Role of Farms, Firms, and Government, ed. by Ritva Reinikka, and Paul Collier

Kotlikoff, Laurence J.; Smetters, Kent A.; Walliser, Jan

Distributional Effects in a General Equilibrium Analysis of Social Security

The Distributional Effects of Social Security Reform, ed. by Martin Feldstein and Jeffrey Liebman

Masson, Paul

Multiple Equilibria, Contagion, and the Emerging Market Crises

Financial Crises in Emerging Markets, ed. by Reuven Glick, Ramon Moreno, and Mark Spiegel

Prasad, Eswar

The Dynamics of Reservation Wages: Preliminary Evidence from the GSOEP

DIW Vierteljahrsheft zur Wirtschaftsforschung (Quarterly Journal of Economic Research)

Walliser, Jan

Regulation of Withdrawals in Individual Account Systems

New Ideas About Old Age Security, ed. by Robert Holzmann and Joseph Stiglitz

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