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International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
August 2000
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Full-text versions (or, in some cases, detailed summaries) of books published by the IMF are available online at the Research at the IMF website at Follow the link to IMF Publications.

Sovereign Assets and Liabilities Management

David Folkerts-Landau and Marcel Cassard (editors)

The papers contained in this volume were presented at a conference hosted by the IMF and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in Hong Kong SAR in November 1996. The conference focused on a wide range of issues confronting policymakers in managing their sovereign assets and liabilities in a world of mobile capital flows and integrated capital markets. The papers draw on the experience of policymakers and private sector participants that have been actively involved in formulating and implementing debt and reserves policy.

A detailed summary of this book is available on the IMF website at

East Timor: Establishing the Foundations of Sound Macroeconomic Management

Luis M. Valdivieso, Toshihide Endo, Luis V. Mendonca, Shamsuddin Tareq, and Alejandro López-Mejia

This report provides an overview of the economic and institutional developments in East Timor up until September 1999, and the immediate impact of the violent events that followed the August 30, 1999, referendum to decide the future status of East Timor. It then presents the key elements of the strategy recommended by IMF staff to the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) to rebuild the institutions needed to support economic activity and public administration, including external financing requirements, technical assistance, and training needs in the area of macroeconomic management. Finally, the report assesses the status of the strategy’s implementation, and discusses the steps that should be taken to ensure the strategy will help prepare East Timor for future challenges.

A detailed summary of this book is available on the IMF website at

Inflation Targeting in Practice: Strategic and Operational Issues and Application to Emerging Market Economies

Mario I. Blejer, Alain Ize, Alfredo M. Leone, and Sergio Werlang (editors)

The Central Bank of Brazil and the Monetary and Exchange Affairs Department of the IMF held a seminar on inflation targeting in Rio de Janeiro on May 35, 1999. Its purpose was to analyze the experience, to date, of the countries that have been operating under an inflation targeting framework, and to identify and review the steps that Brazil should consider in adopting such a framework so as to enhance the chances of its success. This volume gathers together the summaries of the presentations given at the seminar.

The full-text version of this book is available on the IMF website at

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