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External Publications by IMF Staff

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
March 2006
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Journal Articles


Carare, Alina; Stone, Mark

“Inflation Targeting Regimes”

European Economic Review

Catão, Luis; Solomou, Solomos

“Effective Exchange Rates and the Classical Gold Standard Adjustment”

American Economic Review

Choi, Woon Gyu; Kim, Youngsan

“Trade Credit and the Effects of Macro-Financial Shocks: Evidence from U.S. Panel Data”

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Feltenstein, Andrew; Dabla-Norris, Era

“The Underground Economy and Its Macroeconomic Consequences”

Journal of Policy Reform

Feltenstein, Andrew; Lagunoff, Roger

“International versus Domestic Auditing of Bank Solvency”

Journal of International Economics

Galbraith, J.W.; Kisinbay, Turgut

“Content Horizons for Conditional Variance Forecasts”

International Journal of Forecasting

Kandil, Magda

“Countercyclical or Procyclical Real Wages? A Disaggregate Explanation of Aggregate Asymmetry in the U.S.”

Empirical Economics

Keen, Michael; Klemm, Alexander; Ivanova, Anna

“The Russian Flat Tax Reform”

Economic Policy

Keen, Michael; Wildasin, David

“Pareto Efficient International Taxation”

Recent Developments in International Trade Theory (Edward Elgar); original published in American Economic Review

Lienert, Ian; Jung, Moo-Kyung

“The Legal Framework for Budget Systems: An International Comparison”

OECD Journal of Budgeting

Tokarick, Stephen

“The Impact of Trade on Wages: The Role of Nontraded Goods”

Review of International Economics

Tokarick, Stephen

“Who Bears the Cost of Agricultural Support in OECD Countries?”

World Economy

Yang, Yongzheng

“China’s Integration into the World Economy: Implications for Developing Countries”

Pacifica Economic Literature

Yang, Yongzheng; Mlachila, Montfort

“The End of Textile Quotas: A Case Study of the Impact on Bangladesh”

Journal of Development Studies

Yohane, Khamfula; Mlachila, Montfort; Chirwa, Ephraim

“Donor Herding Behaviour and Domestic Debt Crisis”

Applied Economics Letters


Akitoby, Bernardin; Clements, Benedict; Gupta, Sanjeev; Inchauste, Gabriela

“Public Spending, Voracity, and Wagner’s Law in Developing Countries”

European Journal of Political Economy

Beetsma, Roel; Debrun, Xavier

“The New Stability and Growth Pact: A First Assessment”

European Economic Review

Kose, M. Ayhan; Blankenau, Bill

“How Different Is the Cyclical Behavior of Home Production Across Countries?”

Macroeconomic Dynamics

Kose, M. Ayhan; Hirata, Hideaki; Kim, Henry

“Sources of Fluctuations: The Case of MENA”

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

Other External Publications (Books, Conference Volumes)


Keen, Michael

“VAT in Federal Systems”

Encyclopedia of Taxation and Tax Policy

Kumhof, Michael; Tanner, Evan

“Government Debt: A Key Role in Financial Intermediation” in Festschrift in Honor of Guillermo A. Calvo, ed. by A. Velasco

A full and updated listing of external publications of IMF staff (from 1997 onward), including forthcoming publications, can be found in a searchable database at the “Research at the IMF” website at

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