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IMF Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
January 1995
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“China’s Foreign Currency Swap Market,” by Hoe Ee Khor [94/1]

“Budget Deficits and the Public Debt in Sweden—The Case for Fiscal Consolidation,” by Desmond Lachman [94/2]

“On the Political Sustainability of Economic Reform,” by Carlos M, Asilis and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti [94/3]

“An Incomes Policy for Russia?” by Michael Marrese [94/4]

“The New Protectionism in Industrial Countries: Beyond the Uruguay Round,” by Douglas A. Irwin [94/5]

“Asset Prices, Monetary Policy, and the Business Cycle,” by Garry J. Schinasi [94/6]

“Emerging Equity Markets: Growth, Benefits, and Policy Concerns,” by Robert A. Feldman and Manmohan S. Kumar [94/7]

“The United States-Japan Current Account Imbalance: A Review,” by Stephen S. Golub [94/8]

“Energy Taxes and Macroeconomic Policy Objectives,” by David C.L. Nellor [94/9]

“Establishing Monetary Control in Financial Systems With Insolvent Institutions,” by Donald J. Mathieson and Richard D. Haas [94/10]

“Use of Central Bank Credit Auctions in Economies in Transition,” by Matthew I. Saal and Lorena M. Zamalloa [94/11]

“Macroeconomic Management with Informal Financial Markets,” by Pierre-Richard Agenor and Nadeem U. Haque [94/12]

“Recent Fiscal Developments in the European Countries of the G-7,” by G. O’Callaghan, K. Habermeier, J. Green, S.G.B. Henry, and R. Violi [94/13]

“Financial Liberalization in Israel,” by Eric V. Clifton [94/14]

“Currency Arrangements in Countries of the Former Ruble Area and Conditions for Sound Monetary Policy,” by Thomas A. Wolf [94/15]

“Measuring the Progress of Economic Reform in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union,” by Alexander Sundakov [94/16]

“Monetary Transmission and Financial Indexation: Evidence from the Chilean Economy,” by Enrique G. Mendoza and Fernando Fernandez [94/17]

“Currency Boards: Issues and Experiences,” by Adam G, G. Bennett [94/18]

“Structural Policies in Developing Countries,” by Eduardo Borensztein [94/19]

“Russia and the IMF: The Political Economy of Macro-Stabilization,” by Ernesto Hernández-Catá [94/20]

“Fiscal Adjustment in an Oil-Exporting Country: The Case of Indonesia,” by Lazaros E. Molho [94/21]

“Social Protection, Labor Market Rigidity, and Enterprise Restructuring in China,” by Zu-Liu Hu [94/22]

“The IMF and the Latin American Debt Crisis: Seven Common Criticisms,” by James M. Boughton [94/23]

“Fiscal Regimes for Natural Resource Producing Developing Countries,” by David C.L. Nellor and Emil M. Sunley [94/24]

“Monitoring Financial Stabilization in Moldova: The Role of Monetary Policy, Institutional Factors and Statistical Anomalies,” by James Haley and Ghiath Shabsigh [94/25]

“The Speed of Financial Sector Reform: Risks and Strategies,” by R, Barry Johnston [94/26]

“Unemployment in Ireland: A Survey of Features and Causes,” by Julio A, Santaella [94/27]

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