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IMF Working Papers Policy Analasis and Assessment

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
January 1994
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Staff Papers draws on IMF Working Papers, which are research studies by members of the Fund’s staff. A list of Working Papers issued in 1993:4 follows.

“The Role of Financial Institutions in the Transition to a Market Economy,” by Hans J. Blommestein and Michael G. Spencer [93/75]

“Testing the Credibility of Belgium’s Exchange Rate Policy,” by Ioannis Halikias [93/76]

“Asset Price Inflation in the 1980s: A Flow of Funds Perspective,” by Monica Hargraves, Garry J. Schinasi, and Steven R. Weisbrod [93/77]

“A Framework for Assessing Fiscal Sustainability and External Viability, with an Application to India,” by Karen Parker and Steffen Kastner [93/78]

“Efficiency Wages and Labor Mobility in an Open Economy,” by Pierre-Richard Agénor and Julio A. Santaella [93/79]

“Government Finance in a Model of Currency Substitution,” by Anne Sibert and Lihong Liu [93/80]

“Supply-Side Economics in an Integrated World Economy,” by Enrique G. Mendoza and Linda L. Tesar [93/81]

“Devaluation and Competitiveness in a Small Open Economy: Ireland 1987–1993,” by Leonardo Bartolini [93/82]

“Expected Devaluation and Economic Fundamentals,” by Alun H. Thomas[93/83]

“International R&D Spillovers,” by David T. Coe and Elhanan Helpman [93/84]

“Japanese Banks and the Asset Price ‘Bubble’,” by Steven M. Fries [93/85]

“The Impact of Worldwide Military Spending Cuts on Developing Countries,”by Tamim Bayoumi, Daniel Hewitt, and Steven Symansky [93/86]

“Nonmonetary Instruments and Their Use During the Transition from a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy,” by Paul Hilbers [93/87]

“Financial Liberalization and the Information Content of Money in Indonesia, Korea, and the Philippines,” by A. Javier Hamann [93/88]

“Price Controls and Electoral Cycles,” by Pierre-Richard Agenor and Carlos M. Asilis [93/89]

“On Credible Disinflation,” by Jorge E. Roldos [93/90]

“Labor Market Aspects of Industrial Restructuring in Canada,” by Eswar Prasad [93/91]

“Recent U.S. Investment Incentives,” by Christopher M. Towe [93/92]

“U.S. Health Care Reform,” by Ellen M. Nedde [93/93]

“Endogeneity in Structural Unemployment Equations: The Case of Canada,” by Caroline Van Rijckeghem [93/94]

“The Integration of World Capital Markets,” by Morris Goldstein and Michael Mussa [93/95]

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