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IMF Working Papers

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Published Date:
January 1993
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“Private Sector Development in State-Dominated Economies,” by Assim M. Husain [92/79]

“Automating the Price Discovery Process: Some International Comparisons and Regulatory Implications,” by Ian Domowitz [92/80]

“Currency Substitution and Cross-Border Monetary Aggregation: Evidence from the G-7,” by Timothy D. Lane and Stephen S. Poloz [92/81]

“Issues in Managing and Sequencing Financial Sector Reforms: Lessons from Experiences in Five Developing Countries,” by Amer Bisat, R. Barry Johnston, and V. Sundararajan [92/82]

“Credibility Effects of Price Controls in Disinflation Programs,” by Pierre-Richard Agenor [92/83]

“Coordinating Public Debt and Monetary Management During Financial Reforms,” by Sergio Pereira Leite [92/84]

“Capital Inflows to Latin America: The 1970s and the 1990s,” by Guillermo A. Calvo, Leonardo Leiderman, and Carmen M. Reinhart [92/85]

“Structural and Macroeconomic Determinants of the Output Decline in Poland: 1990–91,” by Eduardo R. Borensztein and Jonathan D. Ostry [92/86]

“Implementation of Monetary Policy in EMS Countries Participating in the Exchange Rate Mechanism,” by M. Galy [92/87]

“Are Prices Countercyclical?” by Bankim Chadha and Eswar Prasad [92/88]

“China: An Evolving Market Economy: A Review of Reform Experience,” by Michael Bell and Kalpana Kochhar [92/89]

“International Trade, Distortions, and Long-Run Economic Growth,” by Jong-Wha Lee [92/90]

“The Savings Trap and Economic Take-Off,” by Carlos M. Asilis and Atish R. Ghosh [92/91]

“Price Liberalization in Russia: The Early Record,” by Vincent Koen and Steven Phillips [92/92]

“Linkages Between External Debt Data and Balance of Payments, Government Finance, and Monetary Statistics,” by Jan Bové [92/93]

“The European Community’s Trade and Trade-Related Industrial Policies,” by Miranda Xafa, Roger P. Kronenberg, and Joslin Landell-Mills [92/94]

“Managing Payments System Risk During the Transition from a Centrally Planned to a Market Economy,” by Andrew T. Hook [92/95]

“Asymmetry in the ERM: A Case Study of French and German Interest Rates Since Basle-Nyborg,” by E.H. Gardner and W.R. Perraudin [92/96]

“Fiscal Policy in Pakistan Since 1970,” by Nadeem U. Haque and Peter J. Montiel [92/97]

“The Terms of Trade and Economic Fluctuations,” by Enrique G. Mendoza [92/98]

“Money and Credit Under Currency Substitution,” by Carlos Alfredo Rodriguez [92/99]

“Optimal and Sustainable Exchange Rate Regimes: A Simple Game-Theoretic Approach,” by Masahiro Kawai [92/100]

“Financial Development and Economic Growth,” by José De Gregorio and Pablo E. Guidotti [92/101]

“Inflation and Fiscal Deficits: The Irrelevance of Debt and Money Financing,” by José M. Barrionuevo [92/102]

“Money and Banking Statistics in Former Soviet Union (FSU) Economies,” by Robert Di Calogero, K. Wilhelm Nahr, and Richard T. Stillson [92/103]

“International Environmental Taxation in the Absence of Sovereignty,” by Bernard Herber [92/104]

“Risk-Taking and Optimal Taxation with Nontradable Human Capital,” by Zuliu Hu [92/105]

“Testing the Neoclassical Theory of Economic Growth: A Panel Data Approach,” by Malcolm Knight, Norman Loayza, and Delano Villanueva [92/106]

“Fund Transactions and Reserve Creation,” by Samir Fawzi [92/107]

“Tax Policy and Trade Liberalization: An Application to Mexico,” by Andrew Feltenstein [92/108]

“The Volatility of Consumption in a Simple General Equilibrium Model,” by Gunnar Tersman [92/109]

“Macroeconomic Models for the PC,” by Willem Bier [92/110]

“Robustness of Macroeconomic Indicators of Capital Mobility,” by Enrique Mendoza [92/111]

“U.S. State and Local Government Finances over the Current Cycle,” by Tamim Bayoumi [92/112]

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