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IMF Survey Vol.31, No.18 October 2002

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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2002
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IMF Working Papers ($10.00)

02/134: Regional Labor Market Disparities in Belgium, Marcello Estevao

02/135: Changes in the Structure of Earnings During the Polish Transition, Michael Keane and Eswar S. Prasad

02/136: Indonesia: Managing Decentralization, S.E. Ahmad and Ali M. Mansoor

02/137: Central Bank Financial Strength, Transparency, and Policy Credibility, Peter Stella

02/138: Liberalization of Trade in Financial Services and Financial Sector Stability(Analytical Approach), Alexi P. Kireyev

02/139: Liberalization of Trade in Financial Services and Financial Sector Stability(Empirical Approach), Alexi P. Kireyev

02/140: Issues in Domestic Petroleum Pricing in Oil-Producing Countries, Sanjeev Gupta, Benedict J. Clements, Kevin T. Fletcher, and Gabriela Inchauste

02/141: Liability Dollarization and the Bank Balance Sheet Channel, Woon Gyu Choi and David Cook

02/142: Fiscal Consequences of Armed Conflict and Terrorism in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Sangeev Gupta, Benedict J. Clements, Rena Bhattacharya, and Shamit Chakravarti

02/143: Wage Centralization, Union Bargaining, and Macroeconomic Performance, James E. McHugh

02/144: Spreading Currency Crises: The Role of Economic Interdependence, Wolfram Berger and Helmut Wagner

02/145: International Financial Integration and Economic Growth, Hali Edison, Ross Levine, Luca A. Ricci, and Torsten M. Sløk

02/146: Determinants of Commercial Bank Performance in Transition: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis, Vlad Manole

02/147: The Rise in Comovement Across National Stock Markets: Market Integration or Global Bubble? Robin J. Brooks and Marco Del Negro 02/148: Trade and Integration in the Caribbean, Philippe Egoume Bossogo and Chandima Mendis

02/149: Sovereign Defaults: The Role of Volatility, Luis A. Catao and Bennett W. Sutton

02/150: Are Mexican Business Cycles Asymmetrical? Andre O. Santos

02/151: Wage Moderation in France, Marcello Estevao and Nigar Nargis

02/152: Corporate Performance and Governance in Malaysia, Yougesh Khatri, Luc Leruth, and Jenifer Piesse

IMF Country Reports ($15.00)

02/192: Niger: Third Review Under PRGF and Requests for Modification and Waiver of Performance Criteria

02/193: India: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/194: Romania: First and Second Reviews Under the Stand-By Arrangement, Request for Waivers, and Modification of Performance Criterion 02/195: Thailand: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/196: Malawi: Use of IMF Resources—Request for Emergency Assistance

02/197: Jamaica: 2002 Article IV Consultation and a New Staff-Monitored Program

02/198: Slovak Republic: Financial System Stability Assessment, including Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes

02/199: Sri Lanka: 2002 Article IV Consultation and Final Review Under the Stand-By Arrangement

02/200: Mexico: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes—Fiscal Transparency Module

02/201: Australia: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/202: Namibia: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes—Data Module

02/203: Central African Economic and Monetary Community—Paper on Recent Developments and Regional Policy Issues

02/204: Rwanda: 2002 Article IV Consultation and Requests for a New PRGF and for Additional Interim Assistance Under the Enhanced HIPC Initiative

02/205: Nepal: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/206: Nepal: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/207: Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/208: Sri Lanka: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendi

02/209: Slovak Republic: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/210: Slovak Republic: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/211: Islamic Republic of Iran: 2002 Article IV Consultation


Global Financial Stability Report ($42.00; academic rate, $35.00)

Considering the IMFs Perspective on a “Sound Fiscal Policy,’ Peter S. Heller (Policy Discussion Paper No. 02/08) The Role of Monthly Economic Statistical Bulletins, Claudia H. Dziobek and Mei Jin (Policy Discussion Paper No. 02/9)

Corporate Sector Restructuring: The Role of Government in Times of Crisis, Mark R. Stone (Economic Issues No. 31)

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