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IMF financial information on web

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2000
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As part of an ongoing effort to increase the transparency of the IMF’s finances, the IMF’s Treasurer’s Department, with the assistance of the External Relations Department and the Bureau of Information and Technology Services, has designed a new page for the IMF’s external website (, entitled “IMF Finances.” The page, launched in August, may be reached by clicking on

One-stop browsing

A key benefit of this new page is to provide one-stop browsing by thematically arranging links to financially related material on the IMF’s external website.

Substantial additional financial information is being provided for any given member or for all members in aggregate: disbursements, repayments, IMF credit outstanding, projected obligations (including charges), lending arrangements, SDR allocations and SDR holdings, and arrears.

A summary of the terms of IMF lending (a frequently asked question) is also included.

IMF sources of financing

On August 31, the IMF announced in a news brief that data on the amounts provided by members to finance the IMF’s lending operations and other transactions would be posted on the IMF’s website after completion of each quarterly financial transactions plan. The first set of data, posted on August 31, and an accompanying explanatory note, covers financial transactions for March-May 2000.

The regular publication of country-specific data on the sources of financing for IMF lending, the result of a decision taken by the IMF’s Executive Board in February, is a significant further step in the IMF’s efforts to enhance transparency and is designed to promote greater public understanding of the IMF’s financial activities. The full text of News Brief No. 00/75 is available on the IMF’s website (

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