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IMF Survey Vol.29, No.19 October 2000

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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2000
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Sovereign Assets and Liabilities Management, edited by Marcel Cassard and David Folkerts-Landau ($26.00)

World Economic and Financial Surveys

International Capital Markets: Developments, Prospects, and Key Policy Issues (September 2000), by a staff team led by Donald J. Mathieson and Garry J. Schinasi ($42.00)

Working Papers ($10.00)

00/124: Cost of Living Adjustment and Business Cycles:

Disaggregated Evidence, Magda Kandil

00/125: Costly Collateral and the Public Supply of Liquidity, Philip Schellekens

00/126: Life Cycles, Dynasties, Saving: Implications for Closed and Small, Open Economies, Hamid Faruqee and Douglas Laxton

00/127: Determinants of Inflation in the Islamic Republic of Iran—A Macroeconomic Analysis, Olin Liu and Olumuyiwa S. Adedeji

00/128: Real Effective Exchange Rate and the Constant Elasticity of Substitution Assumption, Antonio Spilimbergo and Athanasios Vamvakidis

Policy Discussion Papers ($10.00)

00/7: Large-Scale Post-Crisis Corporate Sector Restructuring, Mark R. Stone

00/8: Reconsidering External Financing of Domestic Budget Deficits: Debunking Some Received Wisdom, Simon Gray and David Woo

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

00/95: Austria: Staff Report for the 2000 Article IV Consultation

00/96: Czech Republic: Staff Report for the 2000 Article IV Consultation

00/97: Ireland: Staff Report for the 2000 Article IV Consultation

00/98: Japan: Staff Report for the 2000 Article IV Consultation

Economic Issues (free)

No. 22: The Challenge of Predicting Economic Crises, Andrew Berg and Catherine Pattillo

Other publications

Annual Report 2000 (in French, German, and Spanish; free)

Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions 2000 ($95.00)

East Timor: Establishing the Foundations of Sound Microeconomic Management, Luis Valdivieso, Toshihide Endo, Luis Mendonca, Shamsuddin Tareq, and Alejandro Lopez-Mejia ($18.00)

The IMF and the Silent Revolution: Global Finance and Development in the 1980s, James M. Boughton (free) IMF Glossary, English, French, Arabic (English CD Rom, $50; and Arabic, paper, $35)

Strengthening the Resilience of Financial Systems (The Per Jacobsson Lecture Series), Armanio Fraga, Peter B. Kenen, Jacques de Larosierè (free)

Summary Proceedings Annual Meetings 1999 (free)

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