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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2002
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IMF Working Papers ($10.00)

02/159: Microfinance Institutions and Public Policy, Daniel C. Hardy, Paul Holden, and Vassili Prokopenko

02/161: The Role of Private Sector Annuities Markets in an Individual Accounts Reform of a Public Pension Plan, George A. Mackenzie

02/162: Politics, Government Size, and Fiscal Adjustment in Industrial Countries, Anthony M. Annett

02/172: Poverty Dynamics in Rural India, Jahangir Aziz

02/173: Cotton Sector Strategies in West and Central Africa, Ousmane Badiane, Dhaneshwar Ghura, and Paul R. Masson

02/174: Transparency and International Investor Behavior, Gaston R. Gelos and Shang-Jin Wei

02/175: The ECB and Euro-Area Enlargement, Helge Berger

02/176: A Comparative Analysis of Government Social Spending Indicators and Their Correlation with Social Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa, Paulo S. Lopes

02/177: Operational Aspects of Fiscal Policy in Oil-Producing Countries, Steven A. Barnett and Rolando J. Ossowski

IMF Country Reports ($15.00)

02/233: Sri Lanka: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes—Fiscal Transparency Module

02/234: Italy: Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes

02/235: Staff Report on the Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies of the Euro Area and the Trade Policies of the European Union

02/236: Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies of the Euro Area—Selected Issues

02/237: Mexico: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/238: Mexico: Selected Issues

02/239: Germany: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/240: Germany: Selected Issues

02/241: Burundi: Statistical Annex

02/242: Burundi: 2002 Article IV Consultation and Use of IMF Resources

02/243: Botswana: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

02/244: Botswana: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/245: Sudan: Final Review Under the Medium-Term Staff-Monitored Program

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