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World Bank launches website for country analytic information

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2002
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On October 31, the World Bank launched a website making it possible for multilateral and bilateral agencies to share information on country analytic work. Through the Country Analytic Work partnership website (, donor agencies will share analysis, good practices, and advice to strengthen policy dialogue; develop and implement country strategies; and carry out sound lending operations. The website will help donor institutions and their clients use development resources more efficiently, avoid duplication, and build capacity. It will also provide information on development challenges in particular countries and regions.

The website will collect and provide information on country analytic work in a number of areas:

• Lists of recently completed, ongoing, and planned projects.

• Information on programming, implementation, and quality assurance procedures.

• Names and e-mail addresses of contact points and staff in charge of sector-specific work.

• Joint and agency-specific toolkits for products.

• Examples of best practices and newly released country analytic work.

• Disclosure policies and appropriate contacts to access confidential documents.

To date, there is information from eight of the participating agencies, including the IMF, on the website.

For more information, see the full text of World Bank News Release No. 2003/129/S at

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