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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2000
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Occasional Papers ($20.00; academic rate: $17.50)

199: Ghana: Economic Development in a Democratic Environment, Sergio Pereira Leite, Anthony Pellechio, Luisa Zanforlin, Girma Begashaw, Stefania Fabrizio, and Joachim Harnack

Working Papers ($10.00)

00/177: International Debt and the Price of Domestic Assets, Leonardo Auernheimer and Roberto Garcia-Saltos

00/178: Israeli Inflation from an International Perspective, Stanley Fischer and David Orsmond

00/179: Inflation, Debt, and Default in a Monetary Union, Samir Jahjah

00/180: The Cost of Government and the Misuse of Public Assets, Vito Tanzi and Tej Prakash

00/181: Globalization, Technological Developments, and the Work of Fiscal Termites, Vito Tanzi

00/182: Corruption, Growth, and Public Finances, Vito Tanzi and Hamid R. Davoodi

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

00/145: Russian Federation

00/146: Euro Area

00/147: France

00/148: France: Selected Issues

00/149: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

00/150: Russian Federation: Selected Issues

00/151: Spain

00/152: Portugal

00/153: Republic of Belarus


IMF Staff Papers, 2000 (Volume 47, Number 1) ($18.00; academic price: $9.00)

Research Activities ofthe International Monetary Fund, January 1991-December 1999 (free)

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