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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1999
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The December issue of Finance & Development, which is now available, addresses the major issues facing the global economy as the world enters a new millennium.

The stage is set for this review by John Kenneth Galbraith, the distinguished economist, who discusses in an interview some of the major challenges facing humankind. IMF area department directors follow with their view of prospects for the world economy. Among the other articles in the issue are

Is Liberalization Reversible?

Harold James

The Changing Development Landscape

Shahid Yusuf

From Centralized to Decentralized Governance

William Dillinger and Marianne Fay

The World Trading System: The Road Ahead

Simon J. Evenett

Trade: An Engine of Growth for Africa

Robert Sharer

Components of a Future Development Strategy: The Importance of Human Development

Paul Streeten

Governance in the Digital Economy

Don Tapscott and David Agnew

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