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Published Date:
January 2000
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World Economic and Financial Surveys

World Economic Outlook, October 1999 ($36.00; academic price: $25.00)

Working Papers ($7.00)

99/156: On the Fast Track to EU Accession: Macroeconomic Effects and Policy Challenges forEstonia, René Weber and Günther Taube

99/157: Suriname: A Case Study of High Inflation, Benedikt Braumann and Sukhdev Shah

99/158: Linkages Among Asset Markets in the United States: Tests in a Bivariate GARCH Framework, Salim M. Darbar and Partha Deb

99/159: Political Economy Aspects of Trade andFinancial Liberalization: Implications for Sequencing, Rina Bhattacharya

99/160: The 1994 Mexican Economic Crisis: The Role ofGovernment Expenditure and Relative Prices, Eliot Kalter and Armando Ribas

99/161: The Disappearing Openness-InflationRelationship: A Cross-Country Analysis of InflationRates, Michael Bleaney

99/162: The Suitability of ASEAN for a RegionalCurrency Arrangement, Tamim Bayoumi and Paolo Mauro

99/163: Income Distribution, Informal Safety Nets, andSocial Expenditures in Uganda, Calvin McDonald, Christian Schiller, and Kenichi Ueda

99/164: Multiple Equilibria, Contagion, and theEmerging Market Crises, Paul R. Masson

99/165: Rethinking Subnational Taxes: A New Look atTax Assignment, Richard M. Bird

99/166: Why Do Firms Pay Antidumping Duty? Poonam Gupta

99/167: Ownership of Capital in Monetary Economiesand the Inflation Tax on Equity, Ralph Chami, Thomas F. Cosimano, and Connel Fullenkamp

99/168: Global Liquidity and Asset Prices: Measurement, Implications, and Spillovers, Klaas Baks and Charles Kramer

99/169: The Myth of Comoving Commodity Prices, Paul Cashin, C. John McDermott, and Alasdair Scott

99/170: Central Bank Independence and the Conduct of Monetary Policy in the United Kingdom, Jan Kees Martijn and Hosein Samiei

99/171: Flight Capital as a Portfolio Choice, Paul Collier, Anke Hoeffler, and Catherine Pattillo

99/172: Dominance Testing of Social SectorExpenditures and Taxes in Africa, David E. Sahn and Stephen D. Younger

99/173: Demand for M2 in an Emerging-MarketEconomy: An Error-Correction Model forMalaysia, Subramanian S. Sriram

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

99/132: Botswana: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

99/133: Costa Rica: Statistical Annex

99/134: Myanmar: Recent Economic Developments

99/135: Portugal: Selected Issues

99/136: Sri Lanka: Recent Economic and Policy Developments

99/137: Djibouti: Statistical Annex

99/138: Greece: Selected Issues

99/139: France: Selected Issues

99/140: Turkmenistan: Recent Economic Developments

99/141: St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation

99/142: Barbados: Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation

99/143: Republic of Belarus: Recent Economic Developments

99/144: Barbados: Statistical Appendix

99/145: El Salvador: Statistical Annex

99/146: Antigua and Barbuda: Statistical Annex

99/147: Republic of Palau: Recent Economic Developments

99/148: St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Statistical Annex

99/149: Colombia: Staff Report for the 1999 Article IV Consultation (Pilot Project)

Other publications

External Evaluation of IMF Surveillance, by a group of independent experts ($19.00)

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