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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1999
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Working Papers ($7.00)

98/160: Determinants of Inflation, Exchange Rate, and Output in Nigeria, Louis Kuijs. Presents a macro-economic model of the Nigerian economy.

98/161: Inflation, Uncertainty, and Growth in Colombia, Henry Ma. Analyzes the behavior of inflation in Colombia from the 1950s and its effect on growth.

98/162: The Impact of Human Capital on Growth: Evidence from West Africa, Emilio Sacerdoti and others. Analyzes the impact of human capital on growth, using a growth-accounting methodology.

98/163: The Volatility of the Relative Price of Commodities in Terms of Manufactures Across Exchange Regimes: A Theoretical Model, Hong Liang. Investigates the relationship between the nominal exchange rate regime and the volatility of relative commodity prices.

98/164: The Quality of Governance: “Second-Generation”Civil Service Reform in Africa, Nadeem Ul Haque and lahangir Aziz. Argues that human capital developmentin the public sector is an important ingredient in “second-generation” reform in Africa.

98/165: Migration and Pension, Assasf Razin and Efraim Sadka. Shows that because of their positive influence on the pension system, migrants could be beneficial to all income and age groups.

IMF Staff Country Reports ($ 15.00)

98/103: Kingdom of the Netherlands—Statistical Appendix

98/104: Turkey—Recent Economic Developments and Selected Issues

98/105: United States—Selected Issues

98/106: Vanuatu: Statistical Appendix

98/107: Austria—Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

98/108: Republic of Belarus—Recent Economic Developments

98/109: Belize—Recent Economic Developments

98/110: Dominica—Statistical Annex

98/111: Germany—Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix

98/112: India—Selected Issues

98/113: lapan—Selected Issues

98/114: Malaysia—Selected Issues

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