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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2002
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Working Papers ($10.00)

02/21: The New Russian Budget System: A Critical Assessment and Future Reform Agenda, Jack Diamond

02/22: Budget System Reform in Transitional Economies: The Experience of Russia, JackDiamond

02/23: Why Is Unemployment High in the Philippines? Ray Brooks

02/24: Assessing Accuracy and Reliability: A Note Based on Approaches Used in National Accounts and Balance of Payments Statistics, Carol S. Carson and Lucie Laliberte

02/25: The Output Decline in Asian Crisis Countries Investment Aspects, Joshua E. Greene

02/26: Growth and Convergence in a Two-Region Model: The Hypothetical Case of Korean Unification, Michael Funke and Holger Strulik

02/27: Commodity Currencies and Empirical Exchange Rate Puzzles, Yu-chin Chen and Kenneth Rogoff

02/28: The Forward Premium Puzzle Revisited, Guy M. Meredith and Yue Ma

02/29: A Fiscal Theory of the Currency Risk Premium and Sterilized Intervention, Michael Kumhofand Stijn van Nieuwerburgh

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

02/22: Republic of Belarus: Selected Issues

02/23: Republic of Belarus: 2001 Article IV Consultation

02/24: Cambodia: Statistical Appendix

02/25: St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Statistical Appendix

02/26: St. Vincent and the Grenadines: 2001 Article IV Consultation

02/27: Peru: Request for Stand-By Arrangement 02/28: Chad: Statistical Appendix

02/29: Chad: 2001 Article IV Consultation, Third Review Under the Second Annual Program Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility, and Requests for Augmentation of Access and for Waiver of Performance Criteria

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