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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
March 2004
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Public Information Notices

04/16: IMF Executive Board Discusses Financial Risk in the Fund and the Level of Precautionary Balances, March 5

04/17: IMF Concludes 2004 Article IV Consultation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 5

04/18: IMF Concludes 2004 Article IV Consultation with Canada, March 10

04/19: Follow-Up on the Recommendations of the Independent Evaluation Office Report on Fiscal Adjustment in IMF-Supported Programs, March 11

04/20: IMF Concludes 2003 Article IV Consultation with Sri Lanka, March 12 04/21: IMF Executive Board Reviews Technical Assistance, March 17

04/22: IMF Discusses Liberia’s Postconflict Situation and Prospects through June 2004, March 18


“In Defense of Globalization,” IMF Economic Forum, February 18

Press Conference by Horst Kohler, IMF Managing Director, February 25

Press Briefings by Thomas C. Dawson, Director, IMF External Relations Department, February 26, March 10

Press Releases

04/45: IMF Releasing Semiannual Reports on the Incidence of Longer-Term Program Engagement, March 5

04/46: IMF Executive Board Reviews Pakistan’s PRSP, March 8

04/47: Cape Verde Formally Begins Participation in the IMF’s General Data Dissemination System, March 8

04/48: The Kyrgyz Republic Subscribes to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard, March 8

04/49: IMF Executive Board Reviews Noncomplying Disbursement to The Gambia, March 8

04/50: IMF Staff Statement on Indonesia, March 9

04/51: IMF Acting Managing Director to Recommend to the Executive Board the Letter of Intent of the Authorities for the Second Review of the Stand-By Arrangement for Argentina, March 10

04/52: IMF Staff Statement on the Conclusion of the Seventh Review Discussions Under Turkey’s Stand-By Arrangement, March 15

04/53: IMF Completes Fourth Review of Madagascar’s PRGF-Supported Program, Approves an Augmentation of Access Under the PRGF Arrangement, and a Disbursement of $34.7 Million, March 17

04/54: IMF Issues Warning on Website’s Misuse of the Fund’s Name, March 19

04/55: Statement by a Group of IMF Executive Directors on the Selection Process for a New Managing Director, March 19 (see page 89)

04/56: IMF Completes First Review Under Burkina Faso’s PRGF Arrangement and Approves $5.1 Million Disbursement, March 19

04/57: IMF Executive Board Completes Second Review of Argentina’s Stand-By Arrangement, March 22 (see page 93)

04/58: IMF Executive Board Completes First Review of Dominica’s PRGF Arrangement, March 24

PRGF=Poverty Reduction and Growth FacilityPRSP=Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

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