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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
April 2004
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IMF Working Papers ($15.00)

04/29: “Inflation Dynamics in the Dominican Republic,” Oral Williams and Olumuyiwa S. Adedeji

04/30: “Fiscal Sustainability in Heavily Indebted Countries Dependent on Nonrenewable Resources: The Case of Gabon,” Joseph Ntamatungiro

04/31: “Imperfect Capital Mobility in an Open Economy Model of Capital Accumulation,” Vladimir Klyuev

04/32: “The Decentralization Dilemma in India,” Catriona M. Purfield

04/33: “An Option-Based Approach to Bank Vulnerabilities in Emerging Markets,” Jorge Chan-Lau, Arnaud Jobert, and Janet Kong

04/34: “The Determinants of International Portfolio Holdings and Home Bias,” Hamid Faruqee, Shujing Li, and Isabel K.Yan

04/35: “Liberalized Markets Have More Stable Exchange Rates: Short-Run Evidence from Four Transition Countries,” Ales Bulir

04/36: “China: International Trade and WTO Accession,” Thomas R. Rumbaugh and Nicolas R. Blancher

04/37: “Competitiveness in Bulgaria: An Assessment of the Real Effective Exchange Rate,” Dimitar Chobanov and Piritta Sorsa

04/38: “The Political Economy of Conditional and Unconditional Foreign Assistance: Grants vs. Loan Rollovers,” Alexandros T. Mourmouras and Wolfgang Mayer

04/39: “Autocorrelation-Corrected Standard Errors in Panel Probits: An Application to Currency Crisis Prediction,” Andrew Berg and Rebecca N. Coke

04/40: “And Schumpeter Said, ‘This Is How Thou Shalt Grow’: Further Quest For Economic Growth in Poor Countries,” Philippe Beaugrand

04/41: “Forecasting Commodity Prices: Futures Versus Judgment,” Chakriya Bowman and Aasim M. Husain

04/42: “Public Expenditure Management in Francophone Africa: A Cross-Country Analysis,” Yaya Moussa

04/43: “India in the 1980s and 1990s: A Triumph of Reforms,” Arvid Panagariya

04/44: “Debt Crises and the Development of International Capital Markets,” Andrea Pescatori and Amadou N. Sy

04/45: “A Multivariate Filter for Measuring Potential Output and the NAIRU: Application to the Czech Republic,” Jaromir Benes and Papa N’Diaye

04/46: “Domestic Debt Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa,” Jakob E. Christensen

IMF Country Reports ($15.00)

(Country name represents an Article IV consultation)

04/18: Indonesia: Eleventh Review Under the Extended Arrangement

04/19: Nicaragua: Joint Staff Assessment of the PRSP Second Progress Report

04/20: Vietnam: PRSP Progress Report

04/21: Lesotho

04/22: Albania: Third Review Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the PRGF, Request for Waiver of Nonobservance of Performance Criterion, and Financing Assurances Review

04/23: Lesotho: Selected Issues And Statistical Appendix

04/24: Pakistan: PRSP

04/25: Vietnam: PRSP

04/26: Georgia: Ex Post Assessment of Georgia’s Performance Under IMF-Supported Programs

04/27: Bangladesh: First Review Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the PRGF and Request for Waiver of Performance Criteria

PRGF=Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility

PRSP=Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

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