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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2001
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Press Releases


01/10: Croatia: $255 Million Stand-By Credit, March 19

01/11: Ethiopia: $112 Million PRGF Approval (in Principle),

March 20

News Briefs

01/27: Uganda: $11 Million Under PRGF, March 26

01/28: Bulgaria: $66 Million Credit Tranche, March 23

01/29: IMF Welcomes Flotation of Iceland’s Krona, March 28

01/30: Brazil: Seventh Review Under Stand-by Arrangement,

March 28

01/31: Colombia: Second Review Under Extended Arrangement,

March 28

Public Information Notices (PINs)

01/25: Greece, March 16

01/26: Peru, March 19

01/27: Australia, March 22

01/28: IMF Executive Board Discusses Conditionality,

March 21 (see page 101)

01/29: Antigua and Barbuda, March 22

01/30: Croatia, March 23

01/31: Rwanda, March 27


Press Briefing on IMF Conditionality, by Masood Ahmed,

March 22 (see page 101)

Press Briefing by Thomas Dawson, March 28

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers*

Ethiopia (interim), March 21

Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Economic and Financial Policies*

Ethiopia, March 20

Bulgaria, March 26

Croatia, March 28

Concluding Remarks for Article IV Consultations*

Kingdom of the Netherlands, March 21

Rwanda, March 27

Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes*

Mozambique, March 19

India, March 21

Uruguay, March 27

IMF Issues Briefs

Resolving and Preventing Financial Crises: The Role of the Private Sector, March 26


Financial Implications of the Shrinking Supply of U.S. Treasury

Securities, March 20 (see page 110)

Conditionality in Fund-Supported Programs—Overview, March 21*

IMF Financial Activities, March 23

Financial Sector Assessment Program Update, March 27

Assessing the Implementation of Standards: A Review of

Experience and Next Steps, March 27

* Date posted.

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