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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 2002
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Working Papers ($10.00)

02/62: Holding International Reserves in an Era of High Capital Mobility, Robert P. Flood and Nancy P. Marion

02/63: Dread of Depreciation: Measuring Real Exchange Rate Interventions, Jayasri Dutta

02/64: What Moves Capital to Transition Economies? Pietro Garibaldi, Nada Mora, Ratna Sahay, and Jeromin Zettelmeyer

02/65: Reserve Requirements on Foreign Currency Deposits in Sub-Saharan Africa—Main Features and Policy Implications, ArtoKovanen

02/66: The Boom, Bust, and Restructuring of Indonesian Banks, Mari Pangestu and Manggi Habir

02/67: Fiscal Revenues in South Mediterranean Arab Countries: Vulnerabilities and Growth Potential, Karim Nashashibi

02/68: The Aging of the Population and the Size of the Welfare State, Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka, and Phillip L. Swagel

02/69: External Debt and Growth, Catherine A. Pattillo, Helene K. Poirson, and Luca A. Ricci

IMF Staff Country Reports ($15.00)

02/77: Republic of Slovenia: 2002 Article IV Consultation

02/78: Republic of Slovenia: Statistical Appendix

02/79: Nicaragua: Report on Observance of Standards and Codes—Fiscal Transparency Module

02/80: Guatemala: Request for Stand-By Arrangement

02/81: Senegal: Second Review Under the Third Arrangement Under the PRGF

02/82: Pakistan: First Review Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the PRGF

Occasional Papers ($20.00; academic price: $17.50)

211: Capital Account Liberalization and Financial Sector Stability, by a Staff Team Led by Shogo Ishii and Karl Habermeier

213: The Baltic Countries: Medium-Term Fiscal Issues Related to EU and NATO Accession, Johannes Mueller, Christian H. Beddies, Robert M. Burgess, Vitali Kramarenko, and Joannes F. Mongardini

World Economic and Financial Surveys ($42.00; academic price: $35.00)

Global Financial Stability Report: A Quarterly Report on Market Developments and Issues


Foreign Direct Investment in Africa—Some Case Studies, Anupam Basu and Krishna Srinivasan ($10.00)

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