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Conference on reform

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1999
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On May 28–29, the IMF’s Research Department hosted a conference on key issues in reform of the international monetary and financial system, in Washington. Six papers were presented over the two-day event, as well as keynote addresses by Michel Camdessus, IMF Managing Director; and Jacob Frenkel, Governor of the Bank of Israel. IMF First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer made concluding remarks.

The papers presented were

“The Euro, the Yen, and the Dollar: The Case for No Benign Neglect,” Jean Pisani-Ferry and Benoit Coeuré

“Moderating Fluctuations in Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies,” Michael Mussa, Alexander Swoboda, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, and Olivier Jeanne

“When Capital Flows Come to a Sudden Stop: Consequences and Policy Options,” Guillermo Calvo and Carmen Reinhart

“Is Greater Private Sector Burden Sharing Impossible?” Barry Eichengreen

“Refocusing the Role of the IMF,” David Lipton

“The Role of IMF Advice,” Takatoshi Ito

The next issue of the IMF Survey, dated June 21, will cover the proceedings of this conference.

Photo Credits: Denio Zara and Padraic Hughes for the IMF, pages 177, 178, and 181–85; Cris Bouroncle for AFP Photo, page 191.

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