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Notice to Subscribers: Change in Frequency of IMF Survey

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
May 2007
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IMF Survey is changing with the times. To improve the accessibility of our content and enable more frequent updates, IMF Survey will shortly launch a new web version hosted on the Fund website ( Simultaneously, the print version of IMF Survey will be published once a month, instead of bi-weekly.

Reasons for change: Research among readers has highlighted the need for more immediate and frequent access to IMF Survey content. At the same time, readers have expressed a need for a digest of news and research from the Fund. To accommodate these differing requirements, and taking account of the varied levels of access to the internet around the world, IMF Survey plans to launch a regularly updated electronic edition, accessible via, while continuing to offer monthly a digest of content in print format.

Choice of formats: Readers who want frequent updates will be able to subscribe to the IMF’s e-mail notification service by signing up for Free Notification on the IMF’s home page. Those who prefer print will be able to subscribe to the monthly edition.

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