Journal Issue

Index 1990 Volume 27

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1990
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Bijan Aghevli & James Boughton, National Saving and the World Economy, June p. 2

Jahangir Amuzegar, Oil and a Changing OPEC, September p. 43

Fred Arnold, International Migration: Who Goes Where? June p. 46

Robert Ayres, Foreign Aid and Poverty Reduction, September p, 9

Tamim Bayoumi, Why Are Saving and Investment Rates Correlated Across Countries? June p. 18

Mario Blejer & Gyorgy Szapary, The Changing Role of Macroeconomic Policies in China, June p. 32

Jitendra Borpujari & Melhem Melhem, Adjustment in Major Oil Exporting Countries, September p. 39

Lans Bovenberg, Why has US Personal Saving Declined? June p. 10

Michel Camdessus, Aiming for “High Quality Growth,” September p. 10

Banklm Chadha & Ranjit Teja, The Macroeconomics of Famine, March p. 46

Adrienne Cheasty, The Fiscal Implications of Reducing Trade Taxes, March p. 37

Bourn-Jong Choe, After the Metals Market Boom, June p. 44

Nat Codetta, Toward Universal Primary Education: Kenya and Indonesia, March p. 27

Cynthia Cook & Mikael Grut, Agroforestry in Sub-Saharan Africa, September p. 46

Carlo Cottarelli & Erich Spitäller, Why did the Italian Stabilization of 1947 Succeed? June p. 36

Guy de Lusignan, Bridging the “Management Skills Gap,” March p. 40

Jack Diamond, Government Expenditure and Growth, December p. 34

Mohamed El-Erian, Mexico’s Commercial Bank Financing Package, September p. 26

Mark Ellyne & Hans Flinch, Issues in the Measurement of External Debt, March p. 14

Mike Faber, Renegotiating Official Debts, December p. 19

Stanley Fischer & Ishrat Husain, Managing the Debt Crisis in the 1990s, June p. 24

Przemyslaw Gajdeczka & Mark Stone, The Secondary Market for Developing Country Loans, December p. 22

Martin Gilman, Heading for Currency Convertibility, September p. 32

Joshua Greene & Delano Villanueva, Determinants of Private Investment in LDCs, December p. 40

Sanjeev Gupta & Karim Nashashibi, Poverty Concerns in Fund-Supported Programs, September p. 12

Richard Hemming & Kalpana Kochhar, Formulating a Growth-Oriented Fiscal Policy, December p. 37

Stephen Heyneman, Producing Textbooks in Developing Countries, March p. 28

Eliot Kalter & Hoe Ee Khor, Mexico’s Experience with Adjustment, September p. 22

loannis Karmokolias, Prospects for the Automotive Industry in LDCs, September p. 47

Olli-Pekka Lehmussaari, Why Saving Fell in the Nordic Countries, June p. 15

Sérgio Leite & V. Sundararajan, Issues in Interest Rate Liberalization, December p. 46

Marlaine Lockheed, Improving Primary Schools in Developing Countries, March p. 24

Andrea Madarassy, Private Investment Rebounds in Developing Countries, June p. 48

Walter Mahler, The Growth of the Korean Capital Market, June p. 41

Ignacio Mas & Samuel Talley, Deposit Insurance in Developing Countries, December p. 43

Paul Masson, Long-term Macroeconomic Effects of Aging Populations, June p. 6

Thomas Mayer & Gunther Thumann, Radical Currency Reform: Germany, 1948, March p. 6; and Paving the Way for German Unification, December p. 9

John Middleton, Adrian Ziderman, & Arvil Adams, Making Vocational Training Effective, March p. 30

Helen Nankani, Lessons of Privatization in Developing Countries, March p. 43

Bahram Nowzad, Lessons of the Debt Decade, March p. 9

George Psacharopoulos, Poverty Alleviation in Latin America, March p. 17

Helena Ribe & Soniya Carvalho, Adjustment and the Poor, September p. 15

Wayne Ringlien, Privatization of Farming Activities in Hungary, December p. 12

Martin Schrenk, Whither Comecon? September p. 28

Julian Schweitzer, Transition in Eastern Europe—The Social Dimension, December p. 6

Marcelo Selowsky, Stages in the Recovery of Latin America’s Growth, June p. 28

Ismail Serageldin & Michel Noël, Tackling the Social Dimensions of Adjustment in Africa, September p. 18

Ernest Stern, Mobilizing Resources for IDA: The Ninth Replenishment, June p. 20

Alan Tait, IMF Advice on Fiscal Policy, March p. 33

George Tavlas, International Currencies: The Rise of the Deutsche Mark, September p. 35

Horst Ungerer, Europe—The Quest for Monetary Integration, December p. 14

Dominique van de Walle, Policies for Reducing Poverty, September p. 6

Adriaan Verspoor, Educational Development: Priorities for the Nineties, March p. 20

Laura Wallace, Reshaping Technical Assistance, December p. 26

Michael Walton, Combating Poverty: Experience and Prospects, September p. 2

Willi Wapenhans, The Challenge of Economic Reforms in Eastern Europe, December p. 2

Steven Webb & Heidi Zia, Lower Birth Rates = Higher Saving in LDCs, June p. 12

Aubrey Williams, A Growing Role for NGOs in Development, December p. 31

Thomas Wolf, Reform, Inflation, and Adjustment in Planned Economies, March p. 2

Alexander Yeats, Do African Countries Pay More for Imports? June p. 38

Increase in Fund Quotas Approved, September p. 21

World Economy In Transition, December p. 18


Richard Baillie and Patrick McMahon, The Foreign Exchange Market, reviewed by Timothy Lane, September

Robert E. Baldwin, Trade Policy in a Changing World, reviewed by Margaret Kelly, March

Nicole Ball, Security and Economy in the Third World, reviewed by Shuja Nawaz, March

Jagdish Bhagwati and John Douglas Wilson, editors, Income Taxation and International Mobility, reviewed by Leif Mutén, September

Michael Bruno, Guido de Tella, Rudiger Dornbush, and Stanley Fischer, editors, Inflation Stabilization, reviewed by Brian Stuart, June

Anand Chandavarkar, Keynes and India: A Study in Economics and Biography, reviewed by Joseph Gold, December

Marcello de Cecco and Alberto Giovannini, editors, A European Central Bank? Perspectives on Monetary Unification After Ten Years of the EMS, reviewed by Manuel Guitian, March

Robert Devlin, Debt and Crisis in Latin America, reviewed by Mohamed El-Erian, September

Sebastian Edwards, Real Exchange Rates, Devaluation, and Adjustment, reviewed by J.J. Polak, June

Barry Eichengreen and Peter Lindert, editors, The International Debt Crisis in Historical Perspective, reviewed by Mohamed El-Erian, September

Ali El-Agraa, The Theory and Measurement of International Economic Integration, reviewed by Ulrich Lächler, June

Edward Graham and Paul Krugman, Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, reviewed by David Goldsbrough, December

Elhanan Helpman and Paul Krugman, Trade Policy and Market Structure, reviewed by Naheed Kirmani, June

Robert Julienne, Vingt Ans d’Institutions Monétaires Ouest-Africaines, 1955-1975, reviewed by Lubin Doe, March

Jacob Kaplan and Gunther Schleiminger, The European Payments Union, reviewed by J.J. Polak, September

Francois Leroux, Marchés Internationaux des Capitaux, reviewed by Michel Dessart, June

Michael Lipton, with Richard Longhurst, New Seeds and Poor People, reviewed by Alexander von der Osten, December

Robert E. Looney, Third-World Military Expenditure and Arms Production, reviewed by Shuja Nawaz, March

Robert McKinlay, Third World Military Expenditure: Determinants and Implications, reviewed by Shuja Nawaz, March

Joan Nelson, editor, Economic Crisis and Policy Choice: The Politics of Adjustment in the Third World, reviewed by Charles Gardner, December

Joan Nelson and contributors, Fragile Coalitions, reviewed by J.J. Polak. June

Maurice Fitzgerald Scott, A New View of Economic Growth, reviewed by Javad Khalilzadeh-Shirazi, March

Maurice Scott and Deepak Lai, editors, Public Policy and Economic Development, reviewed by V.V. Bhatt, December

Robert Stern, editor, Trade and Investment Relations among the United States, Canada, and Japan, reviewed by Paul Masson, September

Lance Taylor, Varieties of Stabilization Experience, reviewed by J.J. Polak, June

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