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How do Readers Evaluate Finance & Development?

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1991
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How do Readers Evaluate


A report on our international readership survey

We completed an international readership survey late in 1990 in which readers were asked to evaluate Finance & Development, let us know more about themselves and their reading habits, and respond to various questions dealing with the contents, design, and current or future publishing policy of this journal. This survey was an important element in our continuing dialogue with our worldwide readership and supplements the feedback from the more than 4,500 letters that we receive each quarter. This was the third major readership survey conducted by this journal.

The survey was conducted by an independent Washington area firm, The Wirthlin Group, with logistical and translation help by IMF staff. Approximately 3,000 readers representing six language editions (English, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) were selected from our computerized mailing lists (the Chinese mailing list is not maintained on our master computer files and, therefore, those readers were not included in the survey). A detailed questionnaire, accompanied by a stamped return envelope, was mailed to these readers. Roughly 41 percent of them replied by the cut-off date—a high rate of return on such surveys.

Here are some of the results of the readership survey, as well as other relevant information on the journal and its readership. Because of space limitations, we cannot share detailed results with our readers, nor is it possible to present the many useful comments relating to the business side of the publication, except to state that readers prefer advertising revenues and cosponsorship by local or regional institutions over charging to cover the costs of providing the journal to our worldwide audience.

Who reads Finance & Development?

How do readers use this journal in their work?

What are our readers’ main sources of information on the IMF and the World Bank?

Total circulation and audience, March 1991

Total audience Approximately 400,000, based on the pass-along rate for each copy established by the survey.

What are the unique qualities of Finance & Development?

What do readers like to see in the journal?

Interest in outside contributors

And finally, a word about us

This journal comes to you each quarter as a result of the combined efforts of our authors, advisors (who comment on articles in the editing phase), colleagues in the World Bank and the IMF (who help with translation, graphics, and production details), and a small team in the Finance & Development Office. In addition to the staff listed on our masthead, there are a few other colleagues who help ensure that all the administrative, production, and circulation-related details are managed smoothly so that all seven editions of the journal come out relatively close to each other during the month of issue and with the fewest possible errors. These colleagues are: Martha Bonilla: Editorial Assistant, responsible for production coordination; Jessie Hamilton, responsible for mailing lists and responses to readers’ mail; and June Lavin, responsible for administrative arrangements and some production work. In addition, we rely heavily on our overseas production centers to bring you the various language editions.

The ultimate test of any journal is how readers respond to it. We are grateful for the wealth of information that readers provided us through this latest readership survey. Over time, we will work on improving the journal to meet or even exceed your expectations.

The Editor

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