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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
January 1995
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Arvil Adams and Sandra Wilson, Do Self- Employment Programs Work? September

Junaid Ahmad, Funding the Metropolitan Areas of South Africa, September

Masahiko Aoki and Hyung-Ki’Kim, CorporateGovernance in Transition Economies, September

Leonardo Bartolini, Purchasing Power Parity Measures of Competitiveness, September

Tamim Bayoumi, The Postwar Economic Achievement, June

Adam G.G. Bennett, Currency Boards: Issues and Experiences, September

Joel Bergsman and Xiaofang Shen, Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries: Progress and Problems, December

Richard Bird, Caroline Freund, and Christine Wallich, Decentralizing Fiscal Systems in Transition Economies, September

Veronique Bishop and Ashoka Mody, Exploiting Competitive Opportunities in Telecommunications, June

Michael Borish, Millard Long, and Michel Noël,

Banking Reform in Transition Economies, September

Michael Bruno, Does Inflation Really Lower Growth? September

Elaine Buckberg and Alun Thomas, Wage Dispersion and Job Growth in the United States, June

Shahid Javed Burki and Sebastian Edwards, Consolidating Economic Reforms in Latin America and the Caribbean, March

Nicholas Burnett, Kari Marble, and Harry Anthony Patrinos, Setting Investment Priorities in Education, December

Jean Clëment, Aftermath of the CFA Franc Devaluation, June

Uri Dadush and Milan Brahmbhatt, Anticipating Capital Flow Reversals, December

Uri Dadush and Dong He, China: A New Power in World Trade, June

Margaret Garritsen de Vries, The IMF Fifty Years Later, June

Ishac Diwan and Ana Revenga, The Outlook for Workers in the 21st Century, September

Ishac Diwan and Ana Revenga, Wages, Inequality, and International Integration, September

Stanley Fischer, Comments on the IMF and the Environment, December

Louise Fox, Can Eastern Europe’s Old-Age Crisis Be Fixed? December

Jeffrey Franks, Unemployment in Spain: Causes and Remedies, September

Hafez Ghanem and Michael Walton, Workers Need Open Markets and Active Governments, September

Jack Glen and Brian Pinto, Capital Markets and Developing Country Firms, March

Richard Harmsen, The Uruguay Round: A Boon for the World Economy, March

Glen Harrison, Thomas Rutherford, and David Tarr, Quantifying the Outcome of the Uruguay Round, December

Merlinda Ingco, Agricultural Liberalization in the Uruguay Round, September

Estelle James, Averting the Old-Age Crisis, June

Estelle James and Robert Palacios, Costs of Administering Public and Private Pension Plans, June

Kathie Krumm, Branko Milanovic, and Michael Walton, Transfers and the Transition from Central Planning, September

Timothy Lane, Mark Griffiths, and Alessandro Prati, Can Inflation Targets Help Make Monetary Policy Credible? December

Peter Lanjouw, Infrastructure: A Ladder for the Poor, March

Michael Leidy, Antidumping: Unfair Trade or Unfair Remedy? March

Armando Linde, Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s, March

Graeme Littler, The Growth of Latin America’s Equity Markets, March

G.A. Mackenzie, Reforming Latin America’s Old- Age Pension Systems, March

Ronald McMorran and Laura Wallace, Why Macroeconomists and Environmentalists Need Each Other, December

Shuja Nawaz, James Boughton, and William Walker, IMF Chronology, June

Jonathan Ostry and Carmen Reinhart, Saving and the Real Interest Rate in Developing Countries, December

Arvind Panagariya, What Can We Learn from China’s Export Strategy? June

Rupert Pennant-Rea and Ian Heggie, Commercializing Africa’s Roads, December

Mahmood Pradhan, Privatization and the Development of Financial Markets in Italy, December

Sarath Rajapatirana, Macroeconomic Crisis and Adjustment, March

Ratna Sahay and Carlos Végh, Dollarization in Transition Economies, March

Maurice Schiff and Alberto Valdés, The Plundering of Agriculture in Developing Countries, March

Garry Schinasi, Asset Prices, Monetary Policy, and the Business Cycle, June

Anita Schwarz, Pension Schemes: Trade-Offs Between Redistribution and Saving, June

Clinton Shiells, Regional Trade Blocs: Trade Creating or Diverting? March

Parthasarathi Shome, Tax Reform in Latin America, March

Saud Siddique, Financing Private Power in Latin America and the Caribbean, March

Michael Spencer, Securities Markets in China, June

Vito Tanzi, Corruption, Governmental Activities, and Markets, December

IMF staff, Progress Report on Commercial Bank Debt Restructuring, December

Book Reviews

Anders Åslund, How Russia Became a Market Economy, reviewed by William Easterly, December

Binhadi, Financial Sector Deregulation, Banking Development and Monetary Policy: The Indonesian Experience (1983-1993), reviewed by Lloyd R. Kenward, September

Matthew Bishop, John Kay, and Colin Mayer, editors, Privatization & Economic Performance, reviewed by Andrew Ewing, December

Olivier Blanchard etal,Spanish Unemployment: Is There a Solution?, reviewed by Jeffrey R. Franks, December

Center for Economic Policy Research, Unemployment: Choices for Europe, reviewed by Jeffrey R. Franks, December

Ashok V. Desai, My Economic Affair, reviewed by Deena Khatkhate, March

Jeremy Edwards and Klaus Fischer, Banks, Finance and Investment in Germany, reviewed by Daniel Hardy, March

Barry Eichengreen, International Monetary Arrangements for the 21st Century, reviewed by Tamim Bayoumi, December

James Fallows, Looking at the Sun: The Rise of the New East Asian Economic and Political System, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, June

Ricardo Ffrench-Davis and Stephany Griffith- Jones, editors, Coping with Capital Surges: The Return of Finance to Latin America, reviewed by Guy Pfeffermann, September

Carol Graham, Safety Nets, Politics, and the Poor: Transitions to Market Economies, reviewed by Sanjeev Gupta, June

Daniel Gros and Alfred Steinherr, Winds of Change: Economic Transition in Central and Eastern Europe, reviewed by Michael Deppler, December

Donald A. Hay, Derek J. Morris, Guy Liu, and Shujie Yao, Economic Reform and State-Owned Enterprises in China, 1979-1987, reviewed by Dubravko Mihaljek, June

Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, reviewed by William Easterly, March

Albert O. Hirschman, Development Projects Observed, reviewed by Robert Picciotto, September

Peter B. Kenen, editor, Managing the World Economy: Fifty Years After Bretton Woods, reviewed by Sara Kane, June

Stephen McCarthy, Africa: The Challenge of Transformation, reviewed by Luis de Azcarate, September

John Miller, editor, Curing World Poverty: The New Role of Property, reviewed by John Huddleston, March

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, The OECD Jobs Study: Facts, Analysis, Strategies, reviewed by Jeffrey R. Franks, December

Sylvia Ostry and Richard R. Nelson, Techno- Nationalism and Techno-Globalism: Conflict and Cooperation, reviewed by Robert R. Miller, December

Jacques J. Polak, Economic Theory and Financial Policy: The Selected Essays of Jacques J. Polak, reviewed by Manuel Guitián, June

Adam Seymour and Robert Mabro, Energy Taxation and Economic Growth, reviewed by Dennis Anderson, March

Judy Shelton, Money Meltdown, reviewed by Michael Spencer, March

Steven Solomon, The Confidence Game: How Unelected Central Bankers Are Governing the Changed Global Economy, reviewed by Daniel Hardy, December

William Wallace, Regional Integration: The West European Experience, reviewed by Harilaos Vittas, September

John Williamson, editor, Estimating Equilibrium Exchange Rates, reviewed by Paul Masson, September

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