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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
March 1988
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Listed below are some of the books we received in 1987 but were unable to review for lack of space.

David W. Pearce, editor, The MIT Dictionary of Modern Economics, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1987, 462 pp., $12.40.

Ken Darrow and Mike Saxenian, Appropriate Technology Sourcebook, Appropriate Technology Project, Volunteers in Asia, Stanford, CA, USA, 1986, 800 pp., $17.95 (paper), $26.95 (cloth).

World Resources Institute and International Institute for Environment and Development, World Resources 1987, Basic Books, New York, NY, USA, 1987, 369 pp., $16.96 (paper), $32.95 (cloth).

Subhash C. Jain, International Marketing Management, Second Edition, Kent Publishing Company, Boston, MA, USA, 1987, 737 pp., $22.75.

Ralph C. Bryant, International Financial Intermediation, The Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, USA, 1987, 181 pp., $9.95 (paper), $26.95 (cloth).

Stark et al (editors), Research in Human Capital & Development, JAI Press, Inc., Greenwich, CT, USA, 1986, xiv + 177 pp., $56.60 (institutions), $28.25 (individuals).

G.A. Bridger and J.T. Winpenny, Planning Development Projects, Second Edition, HMSO Books, St. Crispins, Norwich, NR 3 1PD, UK, 1987, xiv + 229 pp., £2.50 (cloth).

M.S. Kumar (editor), Energy Pricing Policies in Developing Countries, International Labour Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland, 1987, 314 pp., $8.00 (paper), $12.00 (cloth).

Jagdish N. Bhagwati (editor), International Trade—Selected Readings, The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1987, ix + 504 pp., $14.50 (paper), $35 (cloth).

M.A.G. van Meerhaeghe, International Economic Institutions, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 1987, xxviii + 368 pp., $95.

Peter Robson, The Economics of International Integration, Third Edition, Allen & Unwin, Winchester, MA, USA, 1987, 285 pp., $29.95 (cloth).

Photo credits: Photographs on pages 20 (Sagari), 24, 26, 30 (Sai), 39, 43, and 46 by M. lannacci; pages 5, 9, 16, and 35 by D. Zara; pages 12 (Takagi), and 20 (Blejer) by R. Townsend; and on page 30 (Birdsall) by G. Franchini.

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World Debt Tables, 1987-88 Edition

“The primary source for medium-and long-term external debt of many developing countries.”

— Suhas Ketkar, Latin American Economist, Vice-President, Marine Midland Bank, North America

  • Provides data on the external debt of 109 developing countries.

  • Shows statistical tables by country.

  • Gives aggregate position of all countries, major borrowers, and 17 highly indebted borrowers.

  • Outlines characteristics of the debt situation for all countries.

  • Presents a set of four charts for each country

The World Bank’s invaluable annual reference guide to the external debt of developing countries …

depicting debt stocks and associated indicators, as well as flows of debt service and associated debt-service ratios.

World Debt Tables is published in two volumes. The first volume contains analysis of the world debt situation and summary tables. The second volume contains the complete tables for all 109 countries. Order either Volume I or Volumes I and II together.

Check edition desired:

Volume I. Analysis and Summary Tables

100 pages/8½ x 11/ISBN 0-8213-0984-6

Order Stock #BK0984/US$16.95*

Set of Volumes I and II

ISBN 0-8213-0985-4

Volume I. Analysis and Summary Tables

Volume II. Country Tables

456 pages/8½ x 11/

Order Stock #BK0985/US$125.00*

Special note: Persons who order the set automatically receive periodic supplements as new data become available.

• Enclosed is my check for US$_________________

• Please bill me (Institutional customers only)

___________________________Purchase order number

• Charge my • VISA • MasterCard • American Express • Eurocard

(American Express accepted only for orders to Washington, D.C. Eurocard accepted only for orders to Paris)

Return coupon to:

World Bank Publications

PO Box 0552

Washington, D.C. 20073-0552



World Bank Publications

66, avenue d’léna

75116 Paris, France

* Prices vary from country to country. To order from other countries, request a list of local World Bank Publications Distributors. Coupon orders accepted only from the U.S.A. and France.

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