Journal Issue

Index 1987 Volume 24

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1987
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  • Gottfried Ablasser, Issues in Settlement of New Lands, March p. 45

  • Tony Addison and Lionel Demery, Alleviating Poverty under Structural Adjustment, December p. 41

  • Bijan Aghevll, In-Su Kim, and Hubert Neiss, Growth and Adjustment in South Asia, September p. 12

  • John Akin and Nancy Blrdsall, Financing of Health Services in LDCs, June p. 40

  • Mahnmood Ayub and Sven Hegstad, Determinants of Public Enterprise Performance, December p. 26

  • Michael Bell and Robert Sheehy, Helping Structural Adjustment in Low-Income Countries, December p. 6

  • Clemens F.J. Boonekamp, Voluntary Export Restraints, December p. 2

  • Carlston Boucher and Wolfgang Slebeck, UNCTAD VII: New Spirit in North-South Relations? December p. 14

  • Anand Chandavarkar, Developmental Role of Central Banks, December p. 38

  • J. de Larosiere, Progress on the International Debt Strategy, March p. 10

  • The Debt Problem of Sub-Saharan Africa, March p. 14

  • Graham Donaldson, Community Participation in Northern Pakistan, December p. 23

  • Michael Dooley and Donald Mathieson, Financial Liberalization in Developing Countries, September p. 31

  • Michael Dooley, Market Valuation of External Debt, March p. 6

  • Sebastian Edwards, Sequencing Economic Liberalization in Developing Countries, March p. 26

  • Mohamed El-Erian, Foreign Currency Deposits in LDCs, December p. 42

  • Bruce Fitzgerald, Countertrade Reconsidered, June p. 46

  • Alexander Fleming and Mary Oakes Smith, Raising Resources for IDA: the Eighth Replenishment, September p. 23

  • Charles Gardner, Enhancing the Fund’s Structural Adjustment Facility, September p. 6

  • Manuel Guittan, The Fund’s Role in Adjustment, June p. 3

  • Nagy Hanna, Strategic Planning and the Management of Change, March p. 30

  • Barbara Herz and Anthony Measham, Maternal Health and Development, June p. 44

  • Peter Hopcraft, Grain Marketing Policies and Institutions in Africa, March p. 37

  • Jocelyn Home and Paul Masson, International Economic Cooperation and Policy Coordination, June p. 28

  • Yukon Huang and Peter Nicholas, The Social Costs of Adjustment, June p. 22

  • L.K. Jha, Do Outward-Oriented Policies Really Favor Growth?, December p. 44

  • Omotunde Johnson, Currency Depreciation andExport Expansion, March p. 23

  • Omotunde Johnson, Currency Depreciation andImports, June p. 18

  • Lloyd Kenward, The Decline of the US Steel Industry, December, p. 30

  • Mohsin S. Khan and Nadeem Ul Haque, Capital Flight from Developing Countries, March p. 2

  • Thomas Klein, Debt Relief for African Countries, December p. 10

  • Malcolm Knight and Paul Masson, Transmission of the Effects of Fiscal Policies Among Industrial Countries, March p. 41

  • Harinder Kohli and Anil Sood, Fostering EnterpriseDevelopment, March p. 34

  • George Kopits, Turkey’s Adjustment Experience,1980-85, September, p. 8

  • Anthony Lanyi, Issues in Capital Flows to DevelopingCountries, September p. 27

  • Augusto Lopez-Claros, The European Community:On the Road to Integration, September p. 35

  • Constantine Michalopoulos, World Bank Lending forStructural Adjustment, June p. 7

  • Abbas Mlrakhor and Peter Montiel, Adjustment andthe Import Intensity of Output, December p. 17

  • Shuja Nawaz, Why the World Current Account Does Not Balance, September p. 43

  • Young C. Park, Evaluating the Performance of Korea’s Government-Invested Enterprises, June p. 25

  • Samuel Paul, Community Participation in World Bank Projects, December p. 20

  • Guy Pfeffermann, Economic Crisis and the Poor in Some Latin American Countries, June p. 32

  • A. Premchand, Managing the Budget, September p. 39

  • Sarath Rajapatirana, Industrialization and Foreign Trade, September p. 2

  • Recent International Borrowing by Developing Countries, March p. 12

  • Lawrence Salmen, Listening to the People, June p. 36

  • Marcelo Selowsky, Adjustment in the 1980s: An Overview of Issues, June p. 11

  • Nils Borje Tallroth, Structural Adjustment in Nigeria, September p. 20

  • Vito Tanzl, Fiscal Policy, Growth, and Stabilization Programs, June p. 15

  • Trade Liberalization in Chile, September p. 16

  • Rachel Weaving, Measuring Developing Countries’ External Debt, March p. 16

  • World Bank Reorganization, September p. 46

  • World Economy in Transition, September p. 48

  • Miranda Xafa, Export Credits and the Debt Crisis, March p. 19


  • H.W. Arndt, Economic Development, reviewed by Robert Picciotto, December p. 51

  • Henri Bourguinat, Les vertiges de la finance internationale, reviewed by Paul Masson, June p. 50

  • Ray Bromley, editor, Planning for Small Enterprises in Third World Cities, reviewed by Friedrich Kahnert, June p. 53

  • Phillip Cagan, editor, Deficits, Taxes, and Economic Adjustments, reviewed by Frederick Ribe, December p. 48

  • Chris C. Carvounis, The Foreign Debt/National Development Conflict, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

  • Wilfred David, Conflicting Paradigms in the Economics of Developing Countries, reviewed by Suman Bery, March p. 50

  • Sebastian Edwards and Liaquat Ahamed, editors, Economic Adjustment and Exchange Rates in Developing Countries, reviewed by Anthony Lanyi, December p. 49

  • Sebastian Edwards and Alexandra Cox Edwards, Monetarism and Liberalization, reviewed by Claudio Loser, September p. 49

  • Gerald Faulhaber et al., editors, Services in Transition, reviewed by J. Paljarvi, June p. 51

  • Martin Feldstein, editor, The Effects of Taxation on Capital Accumulation, reviewed by Lans Boven-berg, December p. 49

  • D.K Fieldhouse, Black Africa, 1945-80, reviewed by Geoffrey Lamb, June p. 51

  • Stanley Fischer, Indexing, Inflation and Economic Policy, reviewed by Michael Dooley, June p. 50

  • Gordon A Fletcher, The Keynesian Revolution and Its Critics, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, September p. 50

  • Irving Friedman, TowardWorld Prosperity, reviewed by Anthony Lanyi, September p. 49

  • Robert Hormats, Reforming the International Monetary System, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December p. 48

  • Susan Joekes, Women in the World Economy, reviewed by Masooma Habib, December p. 50

  • George Kaufman and Roger Kormendl, editors, Deregulating Financial Services, reviewed by Charles Collyns, March p. 51

  • Khushi M. Khan, editor, Multinationals of the South, reviewed by Sanjaya Lall, September p. 51

  • Robert Klitgaard, Elitism and Meritocracy in Developing Countries, reviewed by Stephen Heyneman, September p. 50

  • Peter Korner, Gero Maass, Thomas Siebold, and Rainer Tetzlaff, The IMF and the Debt Crisis, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

  • David F. Lomax, The Developing Country Debt Crisis, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

  • Robert E. Looney, The Political Economy of Latin American Defense Expenditures, reviewed by Shuja Nawaz, June p. 52

  • John Loxley, Debt and Disorder, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

  • Morris Miller, Coping Is Not Enough!, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

  • R. Portes and A. Swoboda, editors, Threats toInternational Financial Stability, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December p. 48

  • A.E. Safarian and Gilles Y. Berlin, editors, Multinationals, Governments, and International Technology Transfer, reviewed by Sanjaya Lall, September p. 51

  • Karl Sauvant, International Transactions in Services, reviewed by J. Paljarvi, June p. 51

  • W.M. Scammel, Stability of the International Monetary System, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December p. 48

  • Frances Stewart, editor, Macro-Policies for Appropriate Technology in Developing Countries, reviewed by Graeme Donovan, September p. 52

  • Thomas Weiss, Multilateral Development Diplomacy in UNCTAD, reviewed by Joseph Gold, March p. 51

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