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Index 1985

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1985
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Ramgopal Agarwala, Planning in developing countries, March p. 13

Michael Ainley, Supplementing the Fund’s lending capacity, June p. 41

Charles Applegate and Susan Fennell, Cooperating for growth and adjustment, December p. 50

Shigeko Asher and Ken Inoue, Industrial manpower development in Japan, September p. 23

Warren C. Baum and Stokes M. Tolbert, Investing in development, December p. 25

Alan Berg, Improving nutrition: the Bank’s experience, June p. 32

Rattan Bhatia, Adjustment efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, 1980-84, September p. 19

Michael Blackwell, Lomé III: the search for greater effectiveness, September p. 31

Anand Chandavarkar, The financial pull of urban areas in LDCs, June p. 24

David Cheney, The OECD export credits agreement, September p. 35

Francis Colaço, International capital flows and economic development, September p. 2

Lauren Cooper, “Twinning” of institutions, June p. 38

Max Corden, Protection, the exchange rate, and macroeconomic policy, June p. 17

François Corfmat, Computerizing revenue administrations in LDCs, September p. 45

Luc De Wulf, Economic reform in China, March p. 8

Luc De Wulf, Financial reform in China, December p. 19

Margaret de Vries, The IMF: 40 years of challenge and change, September p. 7

Liam Ebrill, Nominal indexation of taxes, wages, and bonds, September p. 42

Sebastian Edwards and Mohsin Khan, Interest rates in developing countries, June p. 28

Robert Feldman, Foreign currency options, December p. 38

Fritz Fischer, The Spring 1985 meeting of the Development Committee, June p. 8

Fund-Bank lending, 1947-84, September p. 48

David Goldsbrough, Foreign direct investment in developing countries, March p. 31

Andrew Hamer, Urbanization patterns in the Third World, March p. 39

Arntraud Hartmann and Syed Ali Nawab, Evaluating public manufacturing enterprises in Pakistan, September p. 27

Peter Heller, Analyzing and adjusting government expenditure in LDCs, June p. 2

G. G. Johnson, Enhancing the effectiveness of surveillance, December p. 2

Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Adjustment and growth: a cooperative approach, June p. 6

A. David Knox, Resuming growth in Latin America, September p. 15

Anne O. Krueger, Import substitution versus export promotion, June p. 20

Deepak Lai, The misconceptions of “development economics,” June p. 10

Joslin Landell-Mills, The role of development finance corporations, March p. 43

Roger Leeds, IFC’s new approach to project promotion, March p. 5

José Saul Lizondo, Unifying multiple exchange rates, December p. 23

Vittorio Masoni, Nongovernmental organizations and development, September p. 38

Alain Mingat and George Psacharopoulos, Financing education in sub-Saharan Africa, March p. 35

Donald O. Mitchell, Trends in grain consumption in the developing world, 1960-80, December p. 12

Azizali Mohammed, The case-by-case approach to debt problems, March p. 27

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency: an update, December p. 54

Michael Nowak, Black markets in foreign exchange, March p. 20

Samuel Paul, Privatization and the public sector, December p. 42

Guy Pfeffermann, Overvalued exchange rates and development, March p. 17

Robert Picciotto, National agricultural research, June p. 45

Shlomo Reutlinger, Food security and poverty in LDCs, December p. 7

Sir William Ryrie, Development through the private sector, March p. 2

Arjun Sengupta, Recovery, interdependence, and the developing economies, September p. 11

Anil Sood and Harinder Kohli, Industrial restructuring in developing countries, December p. 46

Paul Streeten, A problem to every solution, June p. 14

Vito Tanzi, The deficit experience in industrial countries, December p. 15

Eduardo Wiesner, Domestic and external causes of the Latin American debt crisis, March p. 24

World Bank, Indicators of world development, June p. 36

World economy in transition, Money, 1951-83, March p. 46

World economy in transition, Food production and prices, December p. 14


Dale W. Adams, Douglas H. Graham, J. D. Von Pischke, editors, Undermining Rural Development with Cheap Credit, reviewed by D. Brian Argyle, September p. 52

Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Industrial Growth in India, reviewed by Alexander Nowicki, September p. 49

Edith Archambault and Xavier Greffe, editors, Les économies non officielles, reviewed by Vito Tanzi, June p. 52

William J. Baumol and Kenneth McLennan, editors, Productivity, Growth and U.S. Competitiveness, reviewed by James Boughton, December p. 57

John F. O. Bilson and Richard C. Marston, editors, Exchange Rate Theory and Practice, reviewed by Michael Dooley, June p. 49

Richard M. Bird, Intergovernmental Finance in Colombia, reviewed by Angel L. Antonaya, June p. 50

Mark Boleat, National Housing Finance Systems, reviewed by Bertrand Renaud, December p. 59

Samuel Brittan, The Role and Limits of Government, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 48

Philip Cagan editor, Essays in Contemporary Economic Problems, reviewed by James Boughton, December p. 57

John Calverley, Country Risk Analysis, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December p. 56

Centre d’Etudes Prospectives et d’lnformations Internationales, Economie Mondiale 1980-1990, reviewed by Philippe Beaugrand, September p. 50

Ronald H. Chilcote, Theories of Development and Underdevelopment, reviewed by Robert Wade, June p. 50

William R. Cline, International Debt, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, March p. 49

Paul Cockle editor, Public Expenditure Policy 1984-85, reviewed by James Boughton, December p. 57

Richard W. Edwards, Jr., International Monetary Collaboration, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, September p. 49

Walter P. Falcon, William O. Jones, Scott R. Pearson, et al, The Cassava Economy of Java, reviewed by T. J. Goering, June p. 52

Edgar Graham and Ingrid Floering, The Modern Plantation in the Third World, reviewed by C. H. Walton, June p. 51

Brian Griffiths and Geoffrey E. Wood, editors, Monetarism in the United Kingdom, reviewed by Owen Evans, September p. 51

Joseph Grunwald and Kenneth Flamm, Global Factory, reviewed by Yung Whee Rhee, December p. 55

Patrick and Sylviane Guillaumont, Zone Franc et Développement Africain, reviewed by Piero Claudio Ugolini, March p. 51

Malcolm Harper, Small Business in the Third World, reviewed by Jacob Levitsky, June p. 51

Arnold Heertje and Philippe Barthelemy, L’économie souterraine, reviewed by Vito Tanzi, June p. 52

Richard J. Herring, editor, Managing Foreign Exchange Risk, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December p. 56

Richard J. Herring, editor, Managing International Risk, reviewed by Bahram Nowzad, December, p. 56

Samuel P. S. Ho and Ralph W. Huenemann, China’s Open Door Policy, reviewed by Larry E. Westphal, June p. 51

John H. Jackson, Jean-Victor Louis, and Mitsuo Matsushita, Implementing the Toyko Round, reviewed by Joseph Gold, March p. 50

Paul Kemezis and Ernest J. Wilson III, The Decade of Energy Policy, reviewed by A. Ferroukhi, December p. 58

G. S. Kindra, editor, Marketing in Developing Countries, reviewed by Woldai Futur, September p. 52

C. H. Kirkpatrick, N. Lee, and F. I. Nixson, Industrial Structure and Policy in Less Developed Countries, reviewed by Kemal Dervis, September p. 51

Edward E. Learner, Sources of International Comparative Advantage, reviewed by Bela Balassa, June p. 49

Jacques Lecaillon, Felix Paukert, Christian Morrisson, and Deimitri Germidis, Income Distribution and Economic Development, reviewed by Christiaan Grootaert, March p. 51

Frederick K. Lister, Decision-making Strategies for International Organizations, reviewed by Robert C. Effros, December p. 55

Robert Looney, Economic Policymaking in Mexico, reviewed by Eduardo Wiesner, December p. 56

George A. Luffman and Richard Reed, The Strategy and Performance of British Industry, 1970-80, reviewed by James Boughton, December p. 57

Richard P. Mattione, OPEC’s Investments and the International Financial System, reviewed by David Goldsbrough, December p. 57

Gerald A. Meier, Emerging From Poverty, reviewed by David M. Beckmann, June p. 50

Gerald M. Meier and Dudley Seers, editors, Pioneers in Development, reviewed by I.M.D. Little, March p. 47

Jacques Melitz and Charles Wyplosz, editors, The French Economy, reviewed by James Boughton, December p. 57 Serge Michailof, Les apprentis sorciers du développement, reviewed by Francis Lethem, March p. 49

Stanley Please, The Hobbled Giant, reviewed by I.M.D. Little, March p. 47

Albert Sauvy, Le travail noir et I’e’conomie de demain, reviewed by Vito Tanzi, June p. 52

Ezra Solomon, editor, International Patterns of Inflation, reviewed by Andrew Feltenstein, March p. 50

Frances Stewart, Basic Needs in Developing Countries, reviewed by Pierre Landell-Mills, December p. 58

David Suratgar, editor, Default and Rescheduling, reviewed by Joseph Gold, March p. 49

John Whalley, Trade Liberalization Among Major World Trading Areas, reviewed by S. J. Anjaria, September p. 50


New Occasional Papers

The following Occasional Papers have recently been published by the Fund:

Export Credit Cover Policies and Payments Difficulties

Occasional Paper No. 37

by Edward H. Brau and Chanpen Puckahtikom

This paper reviews developments in the policies and practices of ten major export credit agencies following the external debt-servicing difficulties experienced since 1982, focusing on the effects of the changed environment on the agencies’ practices. It examines a number of practical aspects, including the move toward a more comprehensive risk assessment, the agencies’ responses to debt reschedulings, their criteria for resumption of normal policy cover, and the implications of these practices for borrowing countries. Background analysis is provided on the experience of the agencies with a sample of eleven debtor countries during the period 1980 to mid-1984.

Trade Policy Issues and Development

Occasional Paper No. 38

by Shailendra J. Anjaria, Naheed Kirmani, and Arne B. Petersen

Drawing on information available in the Fund and obtained from meetings with trade and economics officials in a large number of countries, the authors of this study review recent developments in trade and outline some of the major issues in the field, in particular the drift toward increasing trade protection and the possibilities for liberalization. Part One is a synopsis of the issues and prospects for trade policy. Part Two further documents and analyzes industrial and agricultural trade policies in the major industrial countries and the evolving framework for international trade. Trade issues affecting developing countries and the role of the Fund in the trade area are discussed. The text is supplemented by extensive tables, documentary trade trends, and restrictions.

A Case of Successful Adjustment: Korea’s Experience During 1980—84

Occasional Paper No. 39

by Bijan B. Aghevli and Jorge Márquez-Ruarte

Korea’s experience following the second wave of oil price increases is an excellent example of how orthodox stabilization policies, effectively implemented, can help a country adjust to domestic and external shocks. The opening section of the study summarizes Korea’s rapid economic growth during 1965–78. It is followed by chapters on the crisis years (1979–80), adjustment (1981–82), and recovery (1983–84). Appendices describe the country’s public and financial sectors.

Recent Developments in External Debt Restructuring

Occasional Paper No. 40

by K. Burke Dillon, C. Maxwell Watson, G. Russell Kincaid, and Chanpen Puckahtikom

This paper reviews the arrangements for restructuring official and commercial bank debt up to early 1985. The main objective for restructuring is to provide for a return to normal debtor-creditor relations. Although the approach is adapted to each individual situation, almost all arrangements have close links with adjustment programs implemented by the debtor countries, and the Fund plays an important role in these arrangements. The paper examines the latest restructuring arrangements in the context of the magnitude and the sources of debtor countries’ current debt-servicing problems and discusses the issue of comparability of treatment among creditors.

Price: US$7.50 (US$4.50 to university libraries, faculty members, and students)

Available from: Publications Unit, Box A-854 ♦ International Monetary Fund

700 19th Street, N.W. ♦ Washington, D.C. 20431. U.S.A.

Telephone: (202) 623-7430

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