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Index for Volume 21 (1984)

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1984
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Adjustment programs in Africa

  • Justin Zulu and Salen Nsouli March p5

Adjustment to external shocks

  • Parvez Hasan December p14

Agricultural lending by the Bank, 1974–84

  • Montague Yudelman December p45

Aid flows: the role of the DAC

  • Michael Blackwell March p42

Are real wages too high in Europe?

  • Jacques Artus December p10

Bretton Woods at forty

  • Some impressions of the early Fund

    • Joseph Gold March p23

  • Milestones—Bretton Woods, 40 years later March p26

  • The World Bank: from reconstruction to development: An institution emerges

    • Davidson Sommers June p30

  • The coming of age

    • Roger Chaufournier June p32

  • Do we need a new Bretton Woods?

    • Edward M. Bernstein September p5

  • The institutional evolution of the IMF September p7

  • The World Bank and development: a personal perspective

    • Andrew Kamarck December p26

Can local participation help development?

  • Michael Cernea December p41

The Caribbean Group

  • Robert Kanchuger September p44

The concessionality of foreign assistance

  • Danny Leipziger March p44

Cutting government expenditures in LDCs

  • Norman Hicks and

  • Anne Kubisch September p37

Determining the appropriate exchange rate

  • in LDCs Ahsan Habib Mansur December p18

The effects of adjustment

  • Wanda Tseng December p2

Expatriate labor in Arab oil-producing countries

  • Naiem A. Sherbiny December p34

External shocks and policy responses in

  • sub-Saharan Africa, 1973–78

  • Bela Balassa March p10

Financial supermarkets in the United States

  • Charles Collyns and Yusuke Horiguchi March p18

Finance & Development: the first 20 years June p47

Focus on small economies

  • Ministate economies vicente Galbis June p36

  • Industrial policy in small developing countries

    • Barend de Vries June p39

  • Small island economies

    • Benito Legarda June p42

The IMF’s role in a changing world

  • William B. Dale March p2

The IMF’s role in developing countries

  • Tony Killick and the Editor September p21

Increasing private capital flows to LDCs

  • Ibrahim Shihata December p6

Interest rates and exchange rates

  • Susan Schadler June p7

Lessons from East African agriculture

  • Christopher Walton March p13

Mass media in development—an overview

  • Shuja Nawaz June p44

Measuring tax evasion

  • Somchai Richupan December p38

Mobilizing finance for development

  • Moeen Qureshi September p2

Nature and origins of debt-servicing difficulties

  • Donal Donovan December p22

On the spot—Fund and Bank representatives

  • in the field Sheila Meehan September p47

Population distribution within LDCs

  • Dennis Mahar September p15

Population growth

  • Nancy Birdsall September p10

Population policy: country experience

  • Martha Ainsworth September p18

Price distortions and growth

  • Ramgopal Agarwala March p33

Pricing and exchange rates in planned

  • economies Toma Gudac September p40

Private investment in developing countries

  • Mario Blejer and Mohsin S. Khan June p26

The private SDR

  • Pierre van den Boogaerde June p20

Progress report on African

  • development March p17

Prospects for a new “oil dialogue”

  • Jahangir Amuzegar September p28

The realities of economic

  • interdependence March p28

Sharing knowledge—Bank and

  • Fund publications March p48

The stabilizing role of fiscal policy

  • Sheetal Chand March p38

Sustaining recovery, reviving development

  • Kenneth Friedman and Balwant Garcha December p31

Telecommunications in developing countries

  • Bjorn Wellenius September p33

Toward sustained development:

  • A joint program of action for sub-Saharan Africa December p29

Trade strategies and employment in developing countries

  • Anne O. Krueger June p23

Whither the exchange rate system?

  • Morris Goldstein June p2

The World Bank in a changing financial environment

  • Thomas Hoopengardner and Ines Garcia-Thoumi June p12

The World Bank’s currency swaps

  • Christine Wallich June p15

World economy in transition

  • Indicators of growth March p47

  • Product shares September p49


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Occasional Paper No. 32

World Economic Outlook, September 1984:

Revised Projections by the Staff of the International Monetary Fund

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