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Index 1982 Volume 19

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1982
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  • Adjustment with financial assistance from the Fund John Odling-Smee

    • December, Page 26

  • Agriculture and development Harry E. Walters

    • September, Page 6

  • Alternatives to central banks in small developing economies Charles Collyns

    • December, Page 42

  • Comparing government expenditures internationally Peter Heller and Alan Tait

    • March, Page 26

  • A conversation with Mr. Clausen

    • December, Page 5

  • A conversation with Mr. de Larosière

    • June, Page 4

  • Debt in developing countries: some issues for the 1980s Bahram Nowzad

    • March, Page 13

  • Developments in international capital markets

    • December, Page 31

  • Eastern Europe and the international banks Richard C. Williams and Peter M. Keller

    • December, Page 39

  • Education and national development Aklilu Habte

    • June, Page 20

  • Education as an investment George Psacharopoulos

    • September, Page 39

  • Evolution of the SDR, 1974–81 William J. Byrne

    • September, Page 31

  • Exchange rate policies of selected Asian countries Bijan B. Aghevli

    • June, Page 39

  • A financial appraisal of the Bank A.W. Clausen

    • June, Page 8

  • The financing of agricultural cooperatives Turto Turtiainen and J.D. Von Pischke

    • September, Page 18

  • Floating interest rates and developing country debt Paulo Neuhaus

    • December, Page 37

  • The Fund’s technical assistance Mehran, Latham, Brimble, Chandavarkar, and Dillon

    • December, Page 10

  • Future financing of the World Bank and IDA—some issues A. W. Clausen

    • March, Page 7

  • Global interdependence in the 1980s A.W. Clausen

    • March, Page 5

  • Gold in the Fund today Günter Wittich

    • September, Page 36

  • Inflation: the Latin American experience, 1970–79 Vicente Galbis

    • September, Page 22

  • International cooperation key to the adjustment process James C. Corr

    • December, Page 45

  • International Development Association in retrospect Shahid Javed Burki and Norman Hicks

    • December, Page 22

  • Issues in the use of Fund resources Andrew Crockett

    • June, Page 10

  • Market factors in large industrial development projects Chauncey F. Dewey and Harinder S. Kohli

    • June, Page 28

  • Narrowing regional disparities by fiscal incentives Jitendra R. Modi

    • March, Page 34

  • Nonconcessional capital flows to developing countries Eugene L. Versluysen

    • December, Page 33

  • Oil and the world economy—a different perspective (review article) Salah El Serafy

    • March, Page 38

  • Population growth and food supply in sub-Saharan Africa Jacob Meerman and Susan Hill Cochrane

    • September, Page 12

  • Private enterprise and development—comparative country experience Helen Hughes

    • March, Page 22

  • The private sector as “principal engine” of development: Korea Larry E. Westphal

    • June, Page 34

  • Promoting trade among developing countries: an assessment Oli Havrylyshyn and Martin Wolf

    • March, Page 17

  • Rehabilitating watersheds John Spears

    • March, Page 30

  • Rekindling the spirit of Bretton Woods Gerard T. Rice

    • December, Page 47

  • Surveillance over exchange rates Wm. C. Hood

    • March, Page 9

  • Tax increases and the price level Vito Tanzi

    • September, Page 27

  • Trade and economic cooperation among developing countries Jack P. Barnouin

    • June, Page 24

  • The World Bank and poverty Michael Lipton and Alexander Shakow

    • June, Page 16

  • The World Bank’s technical assistance Francis Lethem and Vincent Riley

    • December, Page 16

Book notices

  • Bauer, P.T., Equality, The Third World and Economic Delusion, Reviewed by Keith Marsden

    • September, Page 43

  • Blaise, Jean-Bernard, Philippe Fouchard, and Philippe Kahn, Les Euro-Crédits: un instrument du système bancaire pour le financement international, Reviewed by Georges R. Delaume

    • March, Page 45

  • Cline, William R. and associates, World Inflation and the Developing Countries, Reviewed by Abul K.M. Siddique

    • June, Page 43

  • Lelart, Michel, Les Opérations du Fonds Monétaire International, Reviewed by Dominique Berthet

    • September, Page 44

  • Newbery, David M.G. and Joseph E. Stiglitz, The Theory of Commodity Price Stabilization: A Study in the Economics of Risk, Reviewed by R.C. Duncan

    • December, Page 50

  • Okun, Arthur M., Prices and Quantities: A Macro-economic Analysis, Reviewed by Wm. C. Hood

    • March, Page 42

  • Peacock, Alan and Francesco Forte (editors), The Political Economy of Taxation, Reviewed by Alan A. Tait

    • December, Page 50

  • Richards, Peter and Mauricio Leonor, Education and Income Distribution in Asia, Reviewed by Sayeed Sadeq

    • September, Page 44

  • Rostow, W.W., Why the Poor Get Richer and the Rich Slow Down, Reviewed by Bevan Waide

    • March, Page 43


The Fund Agreement in the Courts, Volume II

by Joseph Gold

The Articles of Agreement of the Fund have had many effects on public and private international law. Aspects of the Articles have been involved in litigation in both national and international tribunals. Volume II discusses or refers to cases decided by courts in 18 countries and by international tribunals. These cases raise a broader range of issues than was raised by the jurisprudence discussed in the first volume, which was published in 1962. The numerous topics discussed in Volume II include the effects of the Articles on exchange control, public policy, unjust enrichment, revenue laws, exchange rates, financial instruments, and Eurocurrency loans. The many cases involving Article VIII, Section 2(fa) on the unenforceability of certain contracts show that disagreement persists on many basic issues relating to that provision. The author quotes crucial passages from judicial opinions that may not be readily available to all readers.

Volume II includes an Introduction, in which the author discusses the desirability of uniform interpretation and explains why the Fund has adopted few authoritative interpretations of the Articles on the issues that have arisen in litigation, with the result that most of the burden of interpretation must be borne by the courts.

Volume II contains 11 articles that have appeared in other Fund publications, not all of which may be readily accessible. It contains, in addition, five papers that have not been published hitherto. One of them analyzes in detail the reactions of courts, officials, and authors in various countries to the relationship between the U.S. President’s freeze of assets in November 1979 and the Articles. The problem of jurisdiction to impose exchange control regulations is discussed in this analysis. Another paper discusses the growing number of cases that have dealt with the application in current conditions of a unit of account defined by law or treaty in terms of gold. A third paper provides a detailed account of. the drafting history of Article VIII, Section 2(b), on which some new material has become available. The other new papers deal with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and with arbitration in relation to exchange control.

Volume I (1962), xv + 159 pp.; Volume II (1982), ix + 499 pp. Price: US$20 the set. Vol. I, US$3.50; Vol. II, US$17.50

Staff Papers

Published quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Summaries of each paper in French and Spanish, as well as in English.

Vol. 29, No. 3, September 1982

Some Implications of North Sea Oil for the U.K. Economy

by Marian E. Bond and Adalbert Knöbl

Adjustment in Planned Economies

by Mark Allen

The SDR as a Means of Payment

by Warren L. Coats, Jr.

Factor Prices in Industrial Countries

by George Kopits

Demand Management and Exchange Rate Policy: The Italian Experience

A Comment on Tullio

by Giancarlo Gandolfo and Pietro Carlo Padoan

Demand Management and Exchange Rate Policy: The Italian Experience

Reply to Comments by Gandolfo and Padoan

by Giuseppe Tullio

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