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Table of Contents for Volume 7 (1970)

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 1970
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Animal Production; Constraints and Their Removal
C. P. McMeekanJune22
The Bank Group Meeting
Cyril H. DaviesDecember32
Banking and Money Market Arrangements in the United States
Frederick C. DirksSeptember49
The Brain Drain as a Social Safety Valve
Deena R. KhatkhateMarch34
The Case for A Central Projects Bureau
C. J. MartinDecember9
Crop Issurance, Creditworthiness, and Development
Bernard OurySeptember36
Development Finance and the Environment
Michael L. HoffmanSeptember2
Economic Cooperation in East Africa
Edward A. ArowoloMarch47
Exchange Rates at the Beginning of 1970
Jozef SwidrowskiDecember16
Finance and Development Interviews William S. Gaud of the International
Finance CorporationMarch12
The Fifth General Review of Quotas
David WilliamsSeptember13
Foreign Investment Legislation in Africa
Alison K. MitchellMarch7
The Fund Meeting
Tony Relm and John KayDecember38
The Impact of Development: Progress for People Through Industrial Revolution-Singapore
Peter W. BocockSeptember26
Indonesia: Economic Stabilization, 1966-69
Gunnar TómassonDecember46
Industrial Development in an open Economy: The Case of Norway
Bela BalassaMarch28
Interest Rate Policies in Developing Countries
Anand G. ChandavarkarMarch19
Livestock: The Recognition of a Stepchild
Donald J. PryorSeptember19
Livestock: The Road to Market
Donald J. PryorDecember22
The Management of Public Debt in Developing Countries
Jonathan LevinJune29
Monetary Discipline and Growth-The Case of Panama
Alvaro E. LarravideJune44
The Project Cycle
Warren C. BaumJune2
Promoting Agricultural Development
Dinesh BahlJune38
Science and World Animal Production: Achievement and Failure
C. P. McMeekanMarch2
Special Drawing Rights: The Computer Approach to the New Reserve Asset
Candelario Trujillo, Jr.December54
Stabilization Problems and Policies in Tunisia
Evangelos A. CalamitsisSeptember43
Urbanization Problems and Prospects
Richard M. WestebbeDecember2
The Value-Added Tax
Bjorn MatthiassonMarch40
What Does It Really Mean? Fiscal Policy
Henry C. MurphyJune14
What Does It Really Mean? Fund Quotas
J. Keith HorsefieldSeptember7
Aliber, Robert Z. (Editor), The International Market for Foreign Exchange
Reviewed by Fred HirschSeptember59
Beaulac, Willard L., A Diplomat Looks at Aid to Latin America
Reviewed by Albert WaterstonJune52
Bhagwati, Jagadish, Trade, Tariffs and Growth
Reviewed by Deena R. KhatkhateSeptember60
Bird, Richard, Taxation and Development: Lessons from Colombian Experience
Reviewed by Stanley PleaseDecember61
British Financial Institutions (Central Office of Information Reference Pamphlet No. 24), H.M.S.O.
Reviewed by J. Keith HorsefieldSeptember59
Brown, Lester R., Seeds of Change: The Green Revolution and Development in the 1970’s
Reviewed by D. W. TownsonSeptember61
Burgess, Norman, How to Find Out About Banking and Investment
Reviewed by J. Keith HorsefieldSeptember59
Cohen, Stephen D., International Monetary Reform, 1964-69, The Political Dimension
Reviewed by J. J. PolakDecember61
Edel, Matthew, Food Supply and Inflation in Latin America
Reviewed by Donald J. PryorMarch53
Einzig, Paul, Leads and Lags, The Main Cause of Devaluation
Reviewed by J. Keith HorsefieldMarch55
Grubel, Herbert G., The International Monetary System
Reviewed by Fred HirschDecember62
Gruber, William H. and Donald G. Marquis, (Editors), Factors in the Transfer of Technology
Reviewed by Thomas BerrieJune52
Hunter, Guy, Modernizing Peasant Societies
Reviewed by Deena R. KhatkhateDecember62
Johnson, Harry G. (Editor), New Trade Strategy for the World Economy
Reviewed by Deena R. KhatkhateSeptember60
Linert, Peter H., Key Currencies and Gold
Reviewed by David WilliamsJune53
Moggridge, D. E., The Return to Gold, 1925: The Formulation of Economic Policy and Its Critics
Reviewed by David WilliamsJune53
Munby, Denys (Editor), World Development: Challenge to the Churches
Reviewed by Harold GravesMarch54
Mundell, Robert A. and Alexander K. Swoboda (Editors), Monetary Problems of the International Economy
Reviewed by Fred HirschSeptember59
Oloya, J. J., Some Aspects of Economic Development with Special Reference to East Africa
Reviewed by Edward A. ArowoloJune54
Peattie, Lisa Redfield, The View From the Barrio
Reviewed by Jonathan LevinJune51
Pollard, Sidney and David W. Crossley, The Wealth of Britain
Reviewed by J. Keith HorsefieldDecember63
Roseveare, Henry, The Treasury: The Evolution of a British Institution
Reviewed by David ArmourSeptember59
Sanger, Clyde, Half a Loaf: Canada’s Semi-Role Among the Developing Countries
Reviewed by D. W. TownsonMarch53
Scharf, Traute with the cooperation of Marc Balin, Dictionary of Development Economics
Reviewed by Pierre de FontnouvelleMarch53
Sporn, Philip, Technology, Engineering, and Economics
Reviewed by Thomas BerrieJune52
Taylor, Milton C. (Editor), Taxation for African Economic Development
Reviewed by Paul DanquahDecember62
The Yearbook of the Far Eastern Economic
Review, 1970March55
Other Books ReceivedMarch55
Recent Activity—International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Development Association, and International Finance CorporationMarch60
Recent Activity—International Monetary FundMarch56
Views and CommentsMarch55

Toward a World Central Bank?

This was the question discussed at the 7th Per Jacobsson Foundation lecture in Basle just prior to the 1970 Annual Meetings in Copenhagen.

William McChesney Martin, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of the United States, presented the basic paper on the subject. In this Mr. Martin noted that the Fund already shows many of the characteristics of a world central bank. He also outlined the functions which such an institution should perform.

Commentaries on this paper were made by Karl Blessing, former President of the Deutsches Bundesbank, Alfredo Machado-Gómez, former President of the Central Bank of Venezuela, and Professor Harry G. Johnson.

The Proceedings of this meeting are in the course of preparation and will be published early in 1971 in English, French and Spanish. Copies will be available upon request from

The Secretary

Per Jacobsson Foundation

International Monetary Fund Building

19th and H Streets, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20431


Volume 3: Dahomey, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Togo, and Upper Volta

This volume is the third in a series of surveys being published by the International Monetary Fund on the economies of the African countries. Like Volumes 1 and 2, the opening chapters describe arrangements for regional cooperation among the countries included in the volume and compare the monetary systems, trade and payments relations, and exchange control systems. The remaining chapters cover each individual country’s production, economic development plans and progress, treatment of foreign investments, national budgets and fiscal policies, money and banking arrangements, and foreign trade, aid, and payments.

The text and tables concentrate on data for 1962-68 but include some figures for 1969 which have become available. These data are drawn from published sources and from material gathered by the Fund in its regular consultations with member countries. Maps of the region and each country complete the volume.

Volume 1, covering Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Brazzaville), and Gabon, and Volume 2, covering Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Somalia, are available in both English and French. The French edition of Volume 3 is being prepared for publication.

Price: $5.00 a volume; $2.50 to university libraries, faculty members, and students. Payment will also be accepted in most other currencies. Please state the language required.

Address correspondence to

The Secretary


19th and H Streets, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20431 U.S.A.

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