Journal Issue

Index 2009—Volume 46

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
December 2009
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  • Back to Basics: What Is a Recession? March;

    • What Is Fiscal Policy? June;

    • What Is Monetary Policy? September;

    • Why Countries Trade, December

  • Emanuele Baldacci and Sanjeev Gupta, Fiscal Expansions: What Works, December

  • Marek Belka, Europe Under Stress, June

  • Erik Berglöf, Alexander Plekhanov, and Alan Rousso, A Tale of Two Crises, June

  • Amar Bhattacharya, A Tangled Web, March

  • Olivier Blanchard, Sustaining a Global Recovery, September

  • Roger Bootle, Redrawing the Boundaries, March

  • James M. Boughton, A New Bretton Woods? March

  • Adelheid Burgi-Schmelz, Data to the Rescue, March


  • Ralph Chami and Connel Fullenkamp, Point-Counterpoint: Remittances in Development, A Wobbly Crutch, December

  • Martin Čihák and Srobona Mitra, Losing Their Halo, June

  • Stijn Claessens and M. Ayhan Kose, Back to Basics: What Is a Recession? March

  • Jeremy Clift, People in Economics: Daniel Kahneman, September

  • Benjamin J. Cohen, The Future of Reserve Currencies, September

  • Carlo Cottarelli, Paying the Piper, March

  • Carlo Cottarelli and José Viñals, Looking Ahead, September

  • Andrew Crockett, Rebuilding the Financial Architecture, September


  • Data Spotlight: Latin America’s Debt, March;

    • Roller Coaster, June;

    • Flows to Eastern Europe, September;

    • Inflation Drops to Negative Territory, December

  • Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, Asset Price Booms: How Can They Best Be Managed? June

  • Randall Dodd, Playing with Fire, June; Overhauling the System, September

  • Thomas Dorsey, Trade Finance Stumbles, March


  • Barry Eichengreen, Viewpoint: Stress Test for the Euro, June

  • Nicolás Eyzaguirre, Benedict Clements, and Jorge Canales-Kriljenko, Latin America: When Is Fiscal Stimulus Right? June


  • Faces of the Crisis, September

  • Jeffrey A. Frankel, What’s In and Out in Global Money, September


  • Edward Gemayel and Samar Maziad, Delivering on Change, September

  • Atish R. Ghosh and Jonathan D. Ostry, Choosing an Exchange Rate Regime, December

  • Atish R. Ghosh, Jonathan D. Ostry, and Natalia Tamirisa, Anticipating the Next Crisis, September

  • Francesco Giavazzi, Growth after the Crisis, September

  • Glenn Gottselig, People in Economics: Paul Collier, June


  • Kirk Hamilton and Marianne Fay, A Changing Climate for Development, December

  • Thomas Helbling, Nese Erbil, and Marina Rousset, Data Spotlight: Roller Coaster, June

  • David Hofman, Roberto Guimaraes, Alessandro Zanello, Isabell Adenauer, Norbert Funke, Charles Amo Yartey, and Siobhán McPhee, Deep Impact, March

  • Mark Horton and Asmaa El-Ganainy, Back to Basics: What Is Fiscal Policy? June


  • IMF Research: The Domestic Solution, March


  • Benjamin Jones and Michael Keen, Climate Policy in Hard Times, December


  • Donald Kaberuka, Straight Talk: Start This Engine, June

  • Herman Kamil, Bennett W. Sutton, and Chris Walker, A Hedge, Not a Bet, June

  • Ravi Kanbur, Poverty, Disconnected, December

  • Suhas Ketkar and Dilip Ratha, New Paths to Funding, June

  • Hyun-Sung Khang, Surviving the Third Wave, December

  • Laura Kodres and Aditya Narain, What Is to Be Done, March

  • M. Ayhan Kose, Prakash Loungani, and Marco E. Terrones, Out of the Ballpark, June

  • Archana Kumar, Crisis Contained, December


  • Olivier Lambert and Elizabeth Littlefield, Dial Growth, September

  • Leslie Lipschitz, Céline Rochon, and Geneviève Verdier, IMF Research: The Domestic Solution, March

  • John Lipsky, Preparing for a Postcrisis World, June

  • Bjørn Lomborg, Viewpoint: Technology, Not Talks, Will Save the Planet, December

  • Prakash Loungani, People in Economics: Nouriel Roubini, March; Joseph Stiglitz, December


  • Koshy Mathai, Back to Basics: What Is Monetary Policy? September

  • Koshy Mathai and Simon Willson, Picture This: Uncharted Territory, June

  • Brad McDonald, Back to Basics: Why Countries Trade, December

  • André Meier and Simon Willson, Picture This: The Three-Hundred-Year Low, September

  • Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti, Changing Fortunes, March

  • José C. Moreno and Ricardo Davico, Data Spotlight: Flows to Eastern Europe, September


  • People in Economics: Nouriel Roubini, March;

    • Paul Collier, June;

    • Daniel Kahneman, September;

    • Joseph Stiglitz, December

  • The Perfect Storm: Olivier Blanchard’s View of the Underlying Causes of the Crisis, June

  • Picture This: Uncharted Territory: When Aggressive Monetary Policy Combats a Crisis, June;

    • The Three-Hundred-Year Low, September

  • Jean Pisani-Ferry and Indhira Santos, Reshaping the Global Economy, March

  • Point-Counterpoint, Remittances in Development, December

  • Eswar Prasad, Rebalancing Growth in Asia, December


  • Dilip Ratha, Point-Counterpoint: Remittances in Development, A Lifeline to Poor Countries, December


  • Brad Setser, The Shape of Things to Come, March

  • Mick Silver and Kim Zieschang, Data Spotlight: Inflation Drops to Negative Territory, December

  • Dame Barbara Stocking, Straight Talk: The Poor Should Not Pay the Price for the Crisis, December

  • Mark Stone and Seiichi Shimizu, Small Steps, March

  • Straight Talk, Start This Engine, June; The Poor Should Not Pay the Price for the Crisis, December


  • Evan Tanner and Yasser Abdih, Rebuilding U.S. Wealth, December


  • Eduardo Valdivia-Velarde and Lily Seo, Data Spotlight: Latin America’s Debt, March


  • William White, Modern Macroeconomics Is on the Wrong Track, December

  • Charles Wyplosz, Viewpoint: The Euro’s Finest Hour? June


  • S. Raihan Zamil, Viewpoint: Regulatory Philosophy Matters, June; Too Big to Ignore, December


  • Eduard Brau and Ian McDonald, eds., Successes of the International Monetary Fund: Untold Stories of Cooperation at Work, September

  • Anand Chandavarkar, The Unexplored Keynes and Other Essays: A Socio-Economic Miscellany, December

  • Jean-Pierre Chauffour, The Power of Freedom: Uniting Development and Human Rights, December

  • Mohamed El-Erian, When Markets Collide: Investment Strategies for the Age of Global Economic Change, March

  • Deena Khatkhate, Money, Finance and Political Economy: Getting It Right, September

  • Dambisa Moyo, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working and How There Is a Better Way for Africa, September

  • Arvind Panagariya, India: The Emerging Giant, March

  • Robert Skidelsky, Keynes: The Return of the Master, December

  • Gillian Tett, Fool’s Gold, December

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