Chapter 4. Looking Ahead: Ongoing Evaluations and the IEO Work Program

International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office
Published Date:
September 2015
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Work in Progress

In early calendar year 2015, the IEO launched a new evaluation on the IMF and the euro area crisis. This evaluation will assess the IMF’s engagement in the euro area, including its programs in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal.

The IEO is in the final stages of work on “Self-Evaluation at the IMF: An IEO Assessment.” Work is continuing on an evaluation of data and statistics at the IMF.

Future Work Program

On January 26, 2015, the IEO posted on its website a note on “Possible Topics for Evaluation over the Medium Term.” The IEO consulted with Executive Directors and other stakeholders on potential future evaluation topics based on this note. There was particular interest on evaluations focusing on macro-financial issues and their integration in IMF surveillance and program work, and on IMF engagement in fragile countries. The IEO will be launching new evaluations as the ongoing ones are completed. In addition, the IEO will continue its series of reports that revisit past IEO evaluations five to ten years after they were first issued.

Table 1.Completed and Ongoing IEO Work Program
Evaluation of Prolonged Use of IMF ResourcesCompleted (August 2002)
The IMF and Recent Capital Account CrisesCompleted (May 2003)
Fiscal Adjustment in IMF-Supported ProgramsCompleted (July 2003)
Evaluation of the IMF’s Role in PRSPs and the PRGFCompleted (June 2004)
The IMF and Argentina, 1999–2001Completed (July 2004)
IMF Technical AssistanceCompleted (January 2005)
The IMF’s Approach to Capital Account LiberalizationCompleted (April 2005)
IMF Support to Jordan, 1989–2004Completed (October 2005)
Financial Sector Assessment ProgramCompleted (November 2005)
Multilateral SurveillanceCompleted (March 2006)
The IMF and Aid to Sub-Saharan AfricaCompleted (January 2007)
IMF Exchange Rate Policy AdviceCompleted (March 2007)
Structural Conditionality in IMF-Supported ProgramsCompleted (October 2007)
Governance of the IMF: An EvaluationCompleted (April 2008)
IMF Involvement in International Trade Policy IssuesCompleted (May 2009)
IMF Interactions with Member CountriesCompleted (November 2009)
IMF Performance in the Run-Up to the Financial and Economic Crisis: IMF Surveillance in 2004–07Completed (December 2010)
Research at the IMF: Relevance and UtilizationCompleted (May 2017)
International Reserves: IMF Concerns and Country PerspectivesCompleted (August 2012)
The Role of the IMF as Trusted AdvisorCompleted (December 2012)
IMF Forecasts: Process, Quality, and Country PerspectivesCompleted (January 2014)
Recurring Issues from a Decade of Evaluation: Lessons for the IMFCompleted (April 2014)
IMF Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis: An IEO AssessmentCompleted (October 2014)
Self-Evaluation at the IMF: An IEO AssessmentIn progress
Data and Statistics at the IMFIn progress
The IMF and the Euro Area CrisisIn progress
Evaluation Updates
Prolonged Use of IMF Resources: Revisiting the 2002 IEO EvaluationCompleted (July 2013)
Fiscal Adjustment in IMF-Supported Programs: Revisiting the 2003 IEO EvaluationCompleted (July 2013)
IMF Technical Assistance: Revisiting the 2005 IEO EvaluationCompleted (February 2014)
Revisiting the IEO Evaluations of the IMF’s Role in PRSPs and the PRGF (2004) and The IMF and Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa (2007)Completed (August 2014)
The IMF’s Approach to Capital Account Liberalization: Revisiting the 2005 IEO EvaluationCompleted (March 2015)

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