Statement by the Acting Managing Director on the Evaluation by the Independent Evaluation Office of Research at the IMF—Relevance and Utilization

International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office
Published Date:
March 2013
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Executive Board Meeting

June 13, 2011

1. I thank the IEO for an informative report on the IMF’s research output through 2008. The report provides a balanced assessment of the quality, relevance, and utilization of Fund research, and I am heartened by the overall finding that research was “widely read, that it included a large number of high quality and very useful publications, and that it is appreciated by country authorities and the research community.” Nevertheless, the report identifies certain areas of our research work that should be improved, and I welcome the IEO’s constructive recommendations. I will not repeat here the points made in the staff response on specific findings and recommendations. Rather, I would urge that Executive Directors also take into account some of the strides made by staff since 2008 in tackling relevant policy issues in their research work. I look forward to the Board discussion.

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