Appendix 2 Outreach Activities in FY2008

International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office
Published Date:
October 2008
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June 13–15, 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden IEO Director’s attendance at workshop on civil society and governance

July 25, 2007, Ottawa, Canada IEO Director’s attendance at workshop at the Bank of Canada

July 29–31, 2007, Maputo, Mozambique IEO Director’s attendance at African Caucus meeting

August 4–8, 2007, Accra, Ghana IEO Director’s attendance at Bank of Ghana’s 50th Anniversary symposium

November 7–8, 2007, Berlin, Germany IEO/InWent Seminar

November 24–27, 2007, Tokyo, Japan Joint seminar with ADBI on exchange rate policy

November 28–30, 2007, Beijing, China To meet with authorities on various IEO issues

December 3–4, 2007, Singapore, Singapore Joint Seminar with National University of Singapore on exchange rate policy

December 5–8, 2007, Sydney and Canberra, Australia To meet with authorities on various IEO issues

January 9–10, 2008, Oslo, Norway Conference on IMF structural conditionality

January 15–18, 2008, Singapore, Singapore IEO Director’s attendance at conference on IMF reform

January 28, 2008, Santiago, Chile CEPAL conference

March 4–5, 2008, Paris, France IEO Director’s meetings with OECD

March 6, 2008, London, United Kingdom IEO Director’s participation in Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact (IACDI) meeting

April 20–26, 2008, Tunis, Tunisia IEO Director’s attendance at Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) meetings

April 27–May 1, 2008, Tunis, Tunisia Presentation of structural conditionality report to AfDB Board

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